BlackFog for Consumers

BlackFog Privacy Multiple Layers of Defense

These days Hackers are attacking from every angle, profiling your behaviour as you browse online, collecting your personal information and attacking you through the adverts that follow you as you browse.

Every application you use collects information about what you’re doing, but did you know you are giving away unauthorized data every time you go online?

With BlackFog Privacy we protect you from unknown and unwanted data collection and identity profiling. By monitoring the collection of any personally identifiable data in real-time and stopping the outbound data flow we ensure that no unauthorized data ever leaves your device.

We believe in personal data privacy and ownership and we are committed to preventing thieves from removing personal information from your device.

Consisting of 12 layers of defense, BlackFog Privacy protects you and your family from increasingly sophisticated attackers, enabling you to use your device with confidence that your personal data is secure.