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Covid Facts

Ransomware in a Pandemic: A Perfect Storm

The way we work forever changed with the onset of Coronavirus. As companies everywhere closed their doors and pivoted to a remote model with little time to prepare, the disruption of the newly dispersed workforce was creating the perfect storm for cybercriminals.

Data Breach Facts

Data Breach Prevention

Despite increased global legislation around data protection and heightened consumer awareness around privacy and misuse of data, breaches were up a staggering 33% last year. Hardly a week goes by without a major data breach hitting the headlines, with some of the largest global corporations being named and shamed.

Remote Work Privacy and Cybersecurity

Remote Work Privacy and Cybersecurity Essentials

With the onset of Coronavirus, the issue of remote working has been pushed to the forefront for organizations globally. No longer a question of if employees should be able to work from home in flexible conditions, but rather quickly becoming a mandatory practice. Fortune 1000 companies around the globe are entirely revamping their office spaces to accommodate the fact that employees are already mobile, with studies repeatedly showing that desks are vacant 50-60% of the time.

Real Cost of Privacy

What is Privacy?

Once described as “the right to be let alone,” privacy is now best described as the ability to control data we cannot stop generating, giving rise to inferences we can’t predict.