A Botnet consists of many bots (short for robots) that contain code to execute repetitive tasks with high frequency.

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Bruggling is a term derived from the word smuggling and browser that describes a technique for data exfiltration using browser bookmark synchronization. 

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Consumer Data Right (CDR) Australia

The Australian Government has introduced Consumer Data Right in Australia. Consumer Data Right will give consumers, including individuals and business, a secure way to control which businesses have access to their data.

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Crypto Ransomware

Among the oldest, and traditionally the most common form of ransomware, crypto ransomware works by finding valuable files on a system and applying encryption to them so they become unusable.

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Cyberespionage (preferred) or cyber espionage refers to malicious software used to extract trade secrets or sensitive confidential information from corporations or government for harm (financial, strategic, political) or profit.

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Dark Web

The Dark Web is an anonymous network that can only be accessed by browsers such as Tor. By content alone it is larger than the standard indexable Web that we use everyday by about 50% and represents approximately 6% of all sites.

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Data Exfiltration

Data exfiltration, data loss or data leakage is essentially the removal of information or data from an electronic device, typically a computer, mobile phone or other Internet connected device.

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Dubai Data Protection Law

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Data Protection Law No. 5 is a new data protection law that combines data protection practices from a variety of laws including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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