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Ransomware Prevention

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Protect your intellectual property and the risks associated with ransomware, industrial espionage and prevent malicious activity from inside your organization.

Anti Data Exfiltration

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Prevent cyberattacks across all endpoints and monitor data exfiltration from any network to ensure compliance with global privacy and data protection regulations.

Privacy Protection

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Prevent data loss and data breaches with BlackFog’s on device data privacy technology. Prevent the unauthorized collection and transmission of user data from every device on and off your network.

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Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX): beyond perimeter defense

As the leader in on device ransomware prevention and data privacy, we go beyond managing threats. Rather than focusing on perimeter defense, our preventative approach focuses on blocking data exfiltration from your devices.

Our enterprise ransomware prevention and data privacy software stops ransomware from disrupting your organization and dramatically reduces the risk of a data breach. Detailed analytics and impact assessments are available in real time.

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