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Ever wondered where your data is going?

BlackFog Privacy provides real time monitoring of your online activity and blocks data harvesting and collection services across your entire machine, not just your browser.


Because the bad guys will always get in

No matter how good you think your defenses are the bad guys will always find away to get onto your device. BlackFog focuses on stopping the activation when you are infected.


Is your computer spying on you?

Your computer is constantly collecting data about your usage habits. BlackFog Privacy is able to prevent the collection and transmission of this data back to remote servers.


Intercept. Detect. Respond.

BlackFog’s mission is to keep your computer safe from prying eyes. Our software designed to protect your online and offline privacy from spyware, ransomware and other data collection activities on your computer.

  • Browser Auto Clean

  • Auto White Listing

  • Live Policy Updates

  • Headless Mode Operation

  • Low CPU Overhead

  • No Elevated Privileges

  • Custom Geolocation Blocking

  • Remote Desktop Services Aware

  • Enterprise Controls

3 Products in 1. Privacy Protection, Ad Blocking, Anti-Malware