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Cryptocurrency Mining Protection

Prevent your CPU from being hijacked.

Cryptocurrency mining injects code into web sites and is used to hijack the visitors’ CPU to mine crytocurrency. This has been driven by a boom in the value of cryptocoins in general and is a way for hackers to make money.


Ransomware Protection

Realtime behavioral analysis. No signatures required.

Ransomware’s goal is to encrypt the files on your device and then hold them to ransom. You are forced to pay a fee to get back control of your device. BlackFog blocks the distribution and activation of ransomware.


Dark Web Protection

Over 80% of all ransomware now uses the Dark Web.

Most cyber criminals use the Dark Web to extract data from your machine and exchange it with other criminals. OverĀ 80% of all ransomware now uses the Dark Web. BlackFog is able to detect and block the transfer of this data in real-time.


What makes BlackFog different


Start protecting your device from online threats

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