• eu whistleblower act

    November 28 2023

    EU Whistleblower Act: Organizations Must Protect Whistleblowers

    With the new EU whistleblower act, organizations that fail to protect whistleblowers may face fines and suffer data leaks.

  • October 5 2023

    How Machine Learning is Vital in Successful Data Exfiltration Detection

    Why should a data exfiltration detection solution play a key role in your firm's cybersecurity strategy?

  • August 14 2023

    The Data Exfiltration Techniques You Need to be Aware of

    What data exfiltration techniques are being used to target businesses with threats such as ransomware in 2023?

  • August 1 2023

    Why do Businesses Need Advanced Enterprise DLP Solutions?

    What protections do enterprise DLP tools provide and why should firms be looking beyond legacy solutions to defend against data loss?

  • July 10 2023

    How Can You Make Your Data Security Management as Effective as Possible?

    What do firms need to know to ensure they have the strongest data security management measures in place?

  • June 27 2023

    What You Need to Know About Zero Trust Identity and Access Management

    Why should firms be implementing a zero trust identity and access management policy to improve their data security?

  • Why Exfiltration of Data is Your Biggest Threat

    June 18 2023

    Why Exfiltration of Data is the Biggest Cyberthreat Facing Your Business

    What do firms need to know about exfiltration of data in order to keep their operations secure?

  • Key-Data-Loss-Prevention-Best-Practices-Firms-Should-Know

    June 14 2023

    Essential Data Loss Prevention Best Practices Every Firm Should Know

    Are you following these critical data loss prevention best practices to protect your business?

  • DLP is Dead

    June 7 2023

    Podcast: DLP is Dead – Long Live Data Exfiltration

    DLP is dead discusses how Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy may no longer suffice when it comes to safeguarding an enterprise.

  • May 23 2023

    Why Remote Work Data Protection Matters More Than Ever

    Every business now needs a remote work data protection policy. What do you need to know to make sure you're protected?