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All Cyberattacks Lead to Data Exfiltration

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The goal of any attack is to steal information for competitive, disruptive or monetary gain. An attacker infiltrating a network or a device in and of itself does not make a successful cyberattack. An attack is only successful if unauthorized data is stolen or removed from a device or network.

When you think about successful cyberattacks, all roads lead to data exfiltration, without it there is no gain for the attacker.

No exfiltration of data = no data loss, no data breach and no data being held to ransom.

At face value it seems simple, and actually with the right technology it can be. Modern attacks are predicated on the ability to communicate with third party servers to steal data, so by deploying a solution that monitors, detects and prevents the unauthorized transmission of data in real-time, the threat of data loss is mitigated.

BlackFog Enterprise

BlackFog Enterprise consists of endpoint agents and the Enterprise cloud console. The Enterprise console allows you to manage groups of devices and provides a centralized view of all threats and events generated at the endpoint.

  • Works alongside existing security and AntiVirus solutions
  • Centralized management console
  • Managed Service Provider Ready
  • Integrates with Ticketing solutions

On Device Data Privacy

BlackFog’s data privacy features decrease the risks associated with data loss and data breaches.

  • Mitigate the risk of data loss through geofencing
  • Minimize data collection on every endpoint
  • Prevent unauthorized data collection and profiling
  • Anonymize user behavior
  • Secure all device data with on-device protection
  • Protect your remote workers wherever they are
BlackFog Geofence Process
BlackFog Impact Assessment

On Device Data Security

Data security is now one of the biggest issues in cybersecurity. Increasing regulations, compliance and accountability pose significant risk to all organizations globally. BlackFog Enterprise helps organizations manage the risk by:

  • Preventing data loss using behavioral analytics
  • Reducing the surface area exposed to attackers
  • Detailed reporting and analysis of threat vectors
  • Lowering the cost of compliance
  • Detecting network anomalies through data exfiltration

Insider Threat Prevention

Insider threats represent one of the largest growing groups of threats within an organization, from employees stealing corporate secrets to industrial espionage. BlackFog mitigates these risks by:

  • Protecting endpoint devices from more than 24 million threats
  • Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) on the network
  • Controlling the exfiltration of data outside the network
  • Protection from threats and activation over the Dark Web
  • Eliminating Fileless network execution attack vectors
Enterprise Events
Enterprise Devices

Enterprise Cloud Console

  • BlackFog Enterprise consists of endpoint agents and the Enterprise cloud console. This is used to manage groups of devices and provide a centralized view of all threats and events generated at the endpoint.
  • The console provides insights into the origin of threats within your organization and centralized management of device settings, groups, users, devices and events.

After we started running BlackFog we noticed in our antivirus reports
that we had zero issues with employees clicking on malicious links
because BlackFog was blocking the threats before they even got to our devices.

Brian Kudsk, Head of IT, Tømmergaarden


  • Detailed analytics provide impact assessment on threats across your entire organization
  • Provide insight into exfiltration by protocol, country and domain
  • Export event and device data directly into Microsoft Excel
  • Post hoc analysis of events using built-in search engine
  • Automatic grouping of events for analysis