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Ransomware Defense Made Simple

BlackFog’s anti ransomware technology protects businesses from a wide range of cyberthreats. Going beyond traditional antimalware solutions, BlackFog’s dedicated anti data exfiltration (ADX) technology helps protect against ransomware by preventing criminals from stealing your most valuable asset, your data.

BlackFog is a lightweight tool that offers full endpoint protection on every device to provide a comprehensive last line of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing and unauthorized data collection.

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Benefits of an Anti Ransomware Software Solution

Dedicated endpoint protection is an essential aspect of any anti ransomware solution. Choosing BlackFog’s ADX technology as part of this offers a wide range of benefits.

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Take Your Free Ransomware Assessment Today

If you’re unsure about what BlackFog anti ransomware can do for your business, try it for free with a seven-day ransomware assessment. This lets you install our ADX technology on up to 25 devices and use our virtual CISO to gain insight into your situation.

Available for Windows, Android, iOS

BlackFog: The Best Anti Ransomware Protection Software

BlackFog’s unique on-device ADX technology enables businesses to protect against the most pervasive and damaging threats today, including data exfiltration and cyber extortion.

While other antimalware tools rely on signature detection to spot and block threats, BlackFog ADX uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze behavior on the network. This approach means it can identify zero-day vulnerabilities, fileless attacks and insider threats that traditional security solutions cannot.

No perimeter defenses can offer 100 percent protection. By starting from the assumption that bad actors will get into your network, BlackFog ADX looks at the problem in a new way and ensures that, even if you are breached, cybercriminals will be unable to exfiltrate your most valuable data.

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Anti Ransomware Trusted by Leading Organizations

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out why BlackFog is trusted by over 500 organizations and see some of our success stories.

“Approximately 1000 attempts are blocked monthly, showcasing the solution’s effectiveness. So confident are we in BlackFog’s capabilities that we plan to extend this powerful shield to our customers in the near future.”

Navindar Singh, Head of ICT, Telikom Limited
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“Why go with EDR when you can jump ahead and get the latest technology. After trying BlackFog, I realized EDR is too late. BlackFog nips malware, ransomware, phishing attempts before they happen”.

Rich Crawford, IT Manager, AE Works

“BlackFog gives us peace of mind which ultimately is what every organization, especially those within that are responsible for securing the data, is looking for. Now when I report to the C-Suite, I can respond with accuracy on every device.”

Ryan Davis, IT Director, Girl Scouts


Ransomware attacks have grown rapidly over the last few years to become one of the biggest cyberthreats facing businesses. Make sure you’re aware of the risks by knowing the basics of what it involves and how to respond.

What is ransomware?2024-05-20T22:38:20+01:00

Ransomware refers to any malicious software (malware) that aims to disrupt operations by deleting, encrypting or otherwise compromising key files and demanding payment for the restoration of access.

What are the main types of ransomware?2024-05-20T22:59:46+01:00

Traditional forms of ransomware include locker and crypto malware. However, the most common form today is double extortion ransomware, which leverages data exfiltration.

How do ransomware attacks occur?2024-05-20T22:52:09+01:00

The majority of ransomware attacks enter networks via email. Phishing attacks and human error are also among the main causes of ransomware.

Who is at risk of a ransomware attack?2024-05-20T22:55:55+01:00

Every business is at risk of ransomware, regardless of size or industry. However, the most common targets include firms in the healthcare, education or public services sectors.

How can ransomware be detected?2024-05-20T23:01:41+01:00

Traditional antivirus software may have difficulty detecting the latest advanced attacks. Monitoring tools that analyze behavior within the network are therefore essential in spotting ransomware attacks.

What are the costs of ransomware?2024-05-20T23:03:29+01:00

Costs for ransomware include direct lost business, ransomware payments, recovery expenses, investigation and future mitigation, fines from regulators and class action lawsuits. In 2023, this added up to an average total of $5.13 million, compared with $4.45 million for data breaches as a whole.

Should I pay a ransomware demand?2024-05-20T23:04:58+01:00

Law enforcement agencies in the US and UK advise against paying ransomware demands, as this provides further encouragement to cybercriminal gangs. Businesses that do are more likely to come under further attack than those that refuse.

How can I respond to ransomware?2024-05-20T23:08:38+01:00

Having a clear, comprehensive ransomware response plan is essential for any business. This should include details on what everyone’s responsibilities are, how to make and recover backups and what reporting steps are required.

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