Threat Hunting Module

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BlackFog’s unique Threat Hunting module provides threat intelligence for all organizations.

Previously only organizations with large technology budgets and teams of experts were able to benefit from this type of threat intelligence.

BlackFog’s Threat Hunting solution takes threat intelligence to a new level by providing detailed insights into each identified threat, enabling organizations to stay ahead of cybercriminals as the threat landscape evolves.

With insights such as crowdsourced impact, confidence level and MITRE classification, BlackFog’s Threat Hunting capabilities are able to identify false positives, investigate threat origins and provide peer-based risk analysis.

This intelligence allows BlackFog to take proactive measures to prevent threats from taking over your organization.

Breach Monitoring Module

While some organizations are waking up to the fact the ransomware attacks are in fact data breaches, unless perhaps data exfiltration technology can prove otherwise, many are still opting to sweep the attack under the carpet, going so far as to not even disclose to their own employees that their personal data may have been stolen.

In the past, organizations could pay the ransom, or leverage their cyber insurance to deal with the issue and move on from the attack, hopefully focussing on how they could prevent future incidents. Now however, they must worry about the fall out of what happens next, the almost inevitable data breach.

Monitor your clients exposure over the Dark Web with regular domain scanning.

With more than 10 billion accounts exposed over the Dark Web, make sure you clients are notified in real time when a breach has occurred.

Benchmark how your clients are performing against industry peers. Generate breach reports for each client on a regular basis.

Breach Monitoring Module

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Data Retention Module

Data Retention

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With threats evolving on a daily basis and the adoption of AI based threats it is more important than ever to have look-back ability into your organizations threat landscape.

BlackFog offers up to 2 years of data retention to monitor dwell time across the threat landscape, and more importantly, the capability to audit all devices within your organization from a regulatory and legal perspective.

Combined with our next generation data lake BlackFog provides deep insight into the origin of attacks as well as sophisticated data enrichment from both crowdsourced and commercial vendors.

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