The BlackShadow Story

Introducing BlackShadow, our new mascot who embodies BlackFog’s core values and technological prowess. BlackShadow represents our commitment to safeguarding digital environments with a majestic presence that resonates with our mission to redefine modern cybersecurity practices.

Founded in 2015, BlackFog is a global leader in on-device data privacy, security, and ransomware prevention. Renowned for pioneering anti data exfiltration (ADX) technology, BlackFog safeguards companies from global security threats, including ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection, and profiling. Our cutting-edge software monitors enterprise compliance with global privacy regulations and provides robust protection against cyberattacks across all endpoints.

At BlackFog, our AI-based algorithms are designed to detect unusual behavior and preemptively block unauthorized data from leaving devices or networks. This proactive approach helps prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in enterprise security systems and network infrastructure, surpassing traditional perimeter defense techniques.

BlackFog’s innovative security solutions have earned widespread recognition and numerous prestigious awards. In 2024, we received 3 Globee Cybersecurity Awards for our groundbreaking work in anti data exfiltration and the “Best Threat Intelligence Technology” at the Teiss Awards. We were also honored with the “Data Leak Detection Solution of the Year” award at the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards and multiple accolades at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, including Gold for Best Virtual CISO Offering and Silver for Ransomware Protection and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company in 2023. Additionally, our State of Ransomware report received a Globee award in 2023 for its outstanding contributions to securing the digital landscape.

BlackFog, with the symbolic presence of BlackShadow, continues to lead the way in cybersecurity, delivering unparalleled protection and redefining the standards of digital safety.


Just as the panther swiftly navigates through the jungle, BlackFog’s software rapidly detects and responds to cyberthreats, ensuring real-time protection.

BlackShadow Agility


Like the panther’s powerful physique, BlackFog’s defense mechanisms strengthen digital environments against a wide range of cyberattacks, including ransomware and malware.


Operating discreetly in the background, BlackFog’s technology monitors and neutralizes threats without disrupting users’ workflow, ensuring seamless data protection.

BlackShadow Stealth


With advanced behavioral analysis and anti data exfiltration technology, BlackFog intelligently identifies and mitigates threats, minimizing false positives and ensuring accurate threat detection.


BlackFog provides unparalleled visibility into the cyber landscape, illuminating hidden threats and offering comprehensive insight.

Protective Instinct

Like the panther fiercely guards its territory, BlackFog aggressively protects organizations’ cyber domains, safeguarding against unauthorized data breaches and insider threats.

Territorial Dominance

BlackFog’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions enforce data autonomy, blocking threats across all endpoints and strengthening regulatory compliance.

BlackShadow Territorial Dominance

Anti Ransomware Trusted by Leading Organizations

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out why BlackFog is trusted by over 500 organizations and see some of our success stories.

“Approximately 1000 attempts are blocked monthly, showcasing the solution’s effectiveness. So confident are we in BlackFog’s capabilities that we plan to extend this powerful shield to our customers in the near future.”

Navindar Singh, Head of ICT, Telikom Limited
AE Works Logo

“Why go with EDR when you can jump ahead and get the latest technology. After trying BlackFog, I realized EDR is too late. BlackFog nips malware, ransomware, phishing attempts before they happen”.

Rich Crawford, IT Manager, AE Works

“BlackFog gives us peace of mind which ultimately is what every organization, especially those within that are responsible for securing the data, is looking for. Now when I report to the C-Suite, I can respond with accuracy on every device.”

Ryan Davis, IT Director, Girl Scouts

Case Studies

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