Telikom Limited Case Study
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The Challenge

With over 1000 dedicated employees across 22 locations and a legacy spanning five decades, Telikom Limited is not just a telecommunications giant: it’s a custodian of trust. As the organization sets its sights on becoming the market leader in Papua New Guinea by 2025 and the region by 2032, the need for a robust cybersecurity posture is imperative. ISO certification requirements underscored the necessity for advanced cybersecurity controls.

Facing the dual challenge of protecting a vast volume of customer data and countering the rising threat of cyberattacks, Telikom was determined to go beyond conventional solutions.  Leadership at Telikom recognized the inadequacy of traditional tools like Antivirus and Firewalls, and sought a proactive, cutting-edge solution to meet the demands of modern cybersecurity.

The Solution

Enter BlackFog, a game-changer in the realm of anti data exfiltration technology. Telikom’s Head of ICT and Transport Network, Navindar Singh, brought first-hand knowledge of BlackFog’s capabilities from his previous tenure in Australia so the decision to trial BlackFog on Telikom’s corporate devices was swift and intuitive.

“My previous company in Australia moved to BlackFog and we saw the advantages of real-time protection compared to other solutions right away. When I moved to Telikom I knew that the product would provide us with the level of protection we required, especially as we are hearing about ransomware and extortion more and more.

In PNG there is a big interest in cybersecurity, and we hear about companies getting attacked all the time. In order to mitigate the risks, an automated preventative approach just made sense”, commented Navindar.

The Approach

During the seven-day trial period on 25 corporate devices and critical servers, BlackFog proved its worth. Crucially, it offered real-time protection without compromising system speed. The Enterprise Console unveiled a staggering 15,000 alerts, exposing attempts to exfiltrate corporate files. The trial was not just a test; it was an eye-opener.

The Results

Post-trial, the decision to deploy BlackFog across all internal devices was a natural progression. Navindar commented, “Telikom’s commitment to preventing ransomware and data exfiltration attacks is unwavering. With BlackFog, we have not only found a guardian for our valuable customer data but also a 24/7 automated shield that doubles as our Security Operations Center (SOC) “.

Telikom’s CEO, while traveling in China, experienced BlackFog’s prowess first-hand. Attempting an online banking transaction, he witnessed BlackFog in action as it automatically blocked traffic to China, potentially thwarting a threat. It wasn’t just a moment of frustration turned into relief; it was a testament to the proactive defence that BlackFog delivers.

When asked about BlackFog’s features and functionality Navindar emphasized BlackFog’s reporting capability, highlighting live ransomware attack information and trends data. “Approximately 1000 attempts are blocked monthly, showcasing the solution’s effectiveness. So confident are we in BlackFog’s capabilities that we plan to extend this powerful shield to our customers in the near future”.


Navindar concluded “at Telikom Limited, we don’t just connect people; we safeguard their trust. The partnership with BlackFog reflects our commitment to staying ahead of cyberthreats, providing unparalleled protection for our customers, and setting new benchmarks in cybersecurity excellence. Trust Telikom Limited and BlackFog – Your Guardians in the Digital Frontier.”

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