• Lake Dallas ISD Case Study

    March 27 2024

    Lake Dallas ISD Chooses BlackFog to Prevent Data Exfiltration

    Lake Dallas ISD serves about 4,000 students in Denton County uses BlackFog's anti data exfiltration to protect the school district and ensure data doesn’t end up in the hands of cybercriminals.

  • Bonanza Casino Bets on BlackFog

    January 29 2024

    Bonanza Casino Bets on BlackFog to Prevent Cyberattacks

    Bonanza Casino bets on BlackFog to protect its patrons and employees and prevent data exfiltration and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Telikom Limited Case Study

    January 19 2024

    Telikom Limited Chooses BlackFog to Safeguard Customer Data

    Telikom Limited the leading telecommunications company in the South Pacific region chooses BlackFog to safeguard customer data.

  • JPC Case Study

    January 16 2024

    JPC Mitigates Ransomware Risk with BlackFog

    JPC uses BlackFog as its last line of defense to reduce ransomware risk for itself and all its customers.

  • 4Sight chooses BlackFog ADX

    January 4 2023

    4Sight Chooses BlackFog ADX

    4Sight chooses BlackFog ADX to protect themselves and their customers from data exfiltration and ransomware.

  • Zero Day Zero Trouble with BlackFog

    September 15 2022

    Zero Day, Zero Trouble with BlackFog

    BlackFog targets zero day threats using anti data exfiltration to prevent extortion and other nefarious activities for Channel Capital Advisors.

  • BlackFog to Secure Patient Data

    September 8 2022

    BlackFog vCISO to Secure Patient Data

    BlackFog's vCISO platform to secure patient data for L&R of Chesterfield which provides residential care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

  • Insurer Cyber Risk

    August 22 2022

    Insurer Chooses BlackFog to Stay Ahead of Cyber Risk

    Responsive Insurance chooses Blackfog to stay ahead of cyber risk with fully automated cyberattack prevention.

  • Law Firm Bolsters Cyber Defense

    August 12 2022

    US Law Firm Bolsters Cyber Defense with BlackFog

    US Bankruptcy Law Firm Bolsters Cyber Defense with BlackFog to protect client data and maintain the integrity of their business.

  • Independence Health System Case Study

    April 28 2022

    Independence Health System Trusts BlackFog to Secure Sensitive Data

    Independence Health System cares for the community with BlackFog