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The Challenge

Responsive is a small organization with limited IT resources but has a good awareness and understanding of cybersecurity and cyberthreats. Being aware of the threats, the main challenge for Responsive is maintaining a good level of cyber defense in order to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

With a multitude of cybersecurity tools on the market, and limited bandwidth to research and manage them, finding the best products and services to help protect their environment can be an overwhelming task. “When you’re a small company, with limited resources and your IT partner is also a small company, staying ahead when it comes to IT security is the main challenge.

We hear a lot more about cyberattacks these days, especially ransomware, which is a nightmare for a small business. One incident can cease your business from operating and any downtime can be catastrophic. Any cyber incident can be a nightmare to unwind, and the worst part is not being in control of it.” Commented Matt Nance, Owner, Responsive Insurance.

The Solution

Responsive learned about BlackFog through their cyber insurance provider Evolve MGA. Matt commented, “I liked the fact that this BlackFog came highly recommended by my cyber insurance partner Evolve.

Keeping the bad guys out of the network is a nice goal but it doesn’t always work. I wasn’t familiar with anti data exfiltration protection prior to learning about BlackFog, but BlackFog’s unique approach made sense to me, and I was interested to try it on our devices.”

The Approach

Responsive engaged in a ransomware assessment with the BlackFog Threat Intelligence team and tested the solution over a 3-week period. When asked about the trial Matt commented, “the support from the team and their knowledge of the product was really good, and I loved the fact that it was automated, working to prevent the attacks without any action from me.

When I looked at the protection provided, the time saved and the costs associated, adding this extra layer of security was a no brainer for me.”

The Results

Responsive has added BlackFog to all company devices and would recommend the solution to other organizations. Matt commented, “I think all organizations should take cyber defense really seriously, no matter how small they are.

Every organization has cyber risk exposure and if they were to ask anyone who has had a breach or ransomware attack, the severity and repercussions from that would be far worse than they could imagine. If you compare the cost of remediation to the cost of a tool like BlackFog, it just makes sense to add it for the peace of mind.”

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