LockBit Attacks 2024
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Since 2020 when we started to record ransomware attacks and trends, LockBit has continually stayed on top as the most active ransomware gang when it comes to publicly disclosed ransomware attacks. Last year, LockBit attacks made the news with 83 attacks, 13% of all publicly disclosed attacks recorded.

In 2023, we began monitoring undisclosed attacks, in other words the ones that did not make the news, and found, to no surprise, that LockBit topped those lists, claiming 979 victims, representing a significant 24% of all attacks noted last year.

This notorious gang is not known for favoring big hunt targets nor does it have specific industries it likes to target, and with its continued evolution of tactics and its RaaS offering, it is clear that 2024 is set to be another busy year for LockBit.

In February, international law enforcement seized LockBit’s infrastructure and arrests were made in connection to the coordinated international operation. However, less than one week later, the ransomware group relaunched its operation and released damage control communication admitting that “personal negligence and irresponsibility” led to law enforcement disrupting its activity.

This year, we’ve decided to put a specific focus on LockBit attacks in an attempt to better track and understand their targeting and tactics. This blog will keep you up to date with all LockBit attacks, both disclosed and undisclosed, so stay tuned to find out who its next victim is.

Key: (D) = disclosed (U)= undisclosed





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