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About Brenda Robb

Brenda has extensive experience in global marketing operations in high tech companies building product marketing strategies and go-to-market programs at scale. Brenda leads the global marketing strategy and direction at BlackFog and oversees public relations, social media, go-to-market programs and deliverables.

The CrowdStrike Incident: A Global IT Meltdown

Discover how the recent CrowdStrike incident caused a global IT meltdown, affecting thousands of businesses. Learn about the event timeline, its impact, and how BlackFog's advanced practices can help prevent such risks. Stay informed and protect your business from future cybersecurity threats.

2024-07-23T12:45:01+01:00July 23rd, 2024|Cybersecurity|

Understanding Data Privacy and Security: How do they Relate?

Data privacy and security are critical topics for any business to focus on in today's environment. The rising costs of cyberattacks and other threats mean a clear strategy for safeguarding sensitive data is more important than ever before.

2024-07-01T14:32:41+01:00July 1st, 2024|Cybersecurity|