• April 8 2024

    What Should a Company do After a Data Breach? Key Steps you Need to Know About

    Does your firm know what to do in the immediate aftermath of discovering a data breach?

  • April 3 2024

    Does Your Business Have an Effective Data Security Policy?

    What should firms include when creating a comprehensive data security policy?

  • March 19 2024

    Data Security Services: What do Firms Need to Know?

    Why should firms be considering data security services as part of their cyber protection strategy?

  • March 11 2024

    MDR vs EDR: What Differences Must Firms be Aware of?

    What are the key differences between MDR and EDR tools businesses must be aware of when looking for managed security solutions?

  • February 21 2024

    What you Need to Know About Data Security Posture Management

    What should firms be aware of when considering a data security posture management solution?

  • February 7 2024

    MSP vs MSSP Solutions: Which Is Right For Your Business?

    What do firms need to know when evaluating potential MSP and MSSP solutions?

  • November 24 2023

    Don’t Gift Your Data to Cybercriminals This Holiday Season

    The winter holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for shopping and online transactions. However, all of this increased online activity also attracts the attention of cybercriminals and increases your chances of data theft.

  • beyond cybersecurity compliance

    August 28 2023

    Beyond Cybersecurity Compliance: Adhering to Regulation is Not Enough

    Achieving cybersecurity compliance is a top priority, yet can’t guarantee positive outcomes by simply checking compliance boxes

  • DLP is Dead

    June 7 2023

    Podcast: DLP is Dead – Long Live Data Exfiltration

    DLP is dead discusses how Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy may no longer suffice when it comes to safeguarding an enterprise.

  • June 7 2023

    BackFog Webinar: Is Ransomware Really on the Decline?

    In this webinar Dr Darren Williams and Michael Sampson discuss the current state of ransomware and changes in the cybersecurity landscape and is ransomware really on the decline?