• Fully Undetectable Cryptography and Encryption Market

    June 10 2024

    Fully Undetectable Cryptography and Encryption Market

    We look at the fully undetectable (FUD) cryptography and encryption market which is frequently used by cybercriminals to enable malware to evade common endpoint solutions and antiviruses.

  • Wizard Spider Cybercrime Group

    March 26 2024

    Wizard Spider: Taking A Look At The Notorious Russian Cybercrime Group

    Wizard Spider is a notorious Russian cybercrime group which is part of a larger cyber-cartel known as the Ransom Cartel or Maze Cartel.

  • LockBit Affiliates Target Citrix Bleed Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966) - A Critical Security Threat

    March 7 2024

    LockBit Ransomware Affiliates Leverage Citrix Bleed Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966)

    Citrix Bleed is being leveraged by LockBit ransomware affiliates to compromise organizations using CVE-2023-4966.

  • Badbox Peachpit Malware Android Devices

    February 21 2024

    Impact of Badbox and Peachpit Malware on Android Devices

    Explores the Badbox and Peachpit malware on Android devices and home networks which granted illegitimate users backdoor access.

  • Polycrypt Crypter

    January 19 2024

    PolyCrypt Runtime Crypter Being Sold On Cybercrime Forums

    We discuss the use of crypters and more specifically Polycrypt and how it can be used to evade detection and infect victims.

  • atom keylogger banner

    November 13 2023

    Atom Keylogger – The Budget Friendly Malware For Aspiring Cybercriminals

    Atom Keylogger is an inexpensive and easy-to-use keylogging tool being sold on cybercrime forums that records keystrokes and other user activity.

  • moveit exploit ransomware attacks

    June 22 2023

    What we know about the MOVEit exploit and ransomware attacks

    The Clop ransomware group has created the MOVEit exploit using a zero-day vulnerability in third-party file transfer software MOVEit Transfer.