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1 Computer, 1 Mobile Annually

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$99 (£75)

5 Computers, 5 Mobile Annually

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Privacy and Security should not be a luxury

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BlackFog Privacy protects you from data collection, identity profiling and hackers. By preventing outbound data loss we ensure that no unauthorized data ever leaves your device.

We believe everyone has the right to privacy and no company has the right to collect and sell your information without your permission. Trust BlackFog to secure your data and prevent hackers from infiltrating your device.

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Prevention is the best form of defense

The sophistication of today’s attacks has rendered existing security solutions obsolete. Instead of waiting until you get infected, BlackFog focuses on preventing the attack in the first place. Our behavioral analysis technology stops hackers before they even get started.
It’s like having a vaccine for your device!

Protection for every device

BlackFog provides multiple layers of protection across all of your devices so you can browse, work and shop (up to 2x faster) with confidence knowing your device is secure and your data stays private.

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