BlackFog Privacy

Uses BlackFog’s Unique Outbound Network Defense Strategy

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Identity Theft

BlackFog Privacy protects you from data and identity theft by blocking the flow of data to untrusted third party servers.

Identity Theft Prevention

By monitoring the flow of traffic from your device BlackFog is able to prevent data loss through real-time behavioral profiling and blocking active data collection and execution.

Online Safety

BlackFog protects your device from more than 26 million online threats and automatically blocks sites with anomalies.

Online Protection

BlackFog is able to protect you from online threats by detecting what information is being sent from your device and is able to block potential dangers from malvertising, data collection and profiling in real-time.

Forensic Data

Your device is constantly collecting information about your activity, such as which applications you use, what you do and how often.

Forensic Data Removal

Your computer is a treasure trove of information for cyber criminals and forensics experts. It can reveal everything about you.

BlackFog is able to remove this data using DoD data wiping standards and prevent it being sent to third parties.

The Dark Web

With more than 80% of all ransomware using the Dark Web it is crucial that every organization is protected from data loss and breaches across this network.

Dark Web Protection

Cyber criminals use the Dark Web to extract data from your machine and exchange it with other criminals.

BlackFog is able to detect and block the transfer of this data in real-time.