• BlackFog's Multi Layered Cybersecurity

    February 21 2019

    BlackFog’s Multi Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

    Many cyber security companies can tell you when an attack has taken place or when data breach has occurred. Few provide a preventative, multi-layered approach that can combat the growing number of threats we see today.

  • BlackFog Fileless Network Protection

    March 22 2018

    Fileless Network Protection

    Fileless network protection is a key element to device security and is an important part of a layered approach to security. The days of protecting yourself from bad actors using AntiVirus (AV) solutions are behind us.

  • BlackFog Cryptocurrency Mining Protection

    March 7 2018

    Cryptocurrency Mining Protection

    Cryptocurrency mining is the latest trend in hacking (also called Cryptojacking) where code is injected into web sites and is used to hijack the users’ CPU to mine cryptocurrency. This has been driven by a boom in the value of cryptocoins in general and is a way for hackers to make money.

  • Windows PowerShell Protection

    February 20 2018

    Fileless PowerShell Attacks

    Fileless PowerShell attacks are now the preferred weapon of choice for cyberattacks because they provide a number of techniques around existing security. Not least of all, the ability to run directly in memory and remotely download payloads.

  • Dark Web Protection

    November 6 2017

    Dark Web Protection

    BlackFog recently introduced Dark Web protection to prevent data loss, activation and transfer of malware over the Dark Web. With an exponential increase in activity over the Dark Web over the last 12 months it is crucial that your devices are protected from this new threat. The Dark Web ransomware economy alone is growing by 2,500% annually.