BlackFog's Multi Layered Cybersecurity
By |Published On: February 21st, 2019|3 min read|Categories: Network Protection|

Today’s cyber threat landscape is more sophisticated than ever which is why a multi layered approach is so crucial to solving the problem. Hackers are attacking from every angle, profiling your behaviour as you browse online, hijacking your CPU, stealing your personal data and injecting malware through advertising.  It is no longer enough to rely on traditional security solutions like Firewall’s and Anti-Virus/Malware solutions to protect you from modern threats.

Many cyber security companies can tell you when an attack has taken place or when data breach has occurred. Few provide a preventative, multi-layered approach that can combat the growing number of threats we see today. Most solutions either focus on trying to stop an attacker from getting in (Firewalls), or after they have already infiltrated your device (AntiVirus). We know that it’s inevitable that hackers are going to get in. The focus should be on neutralizing them before they can do any damage and steal any data.

BlackFog specifically focuses on prevention. By carefully monitoring the data flowing off the device it is able to identify in real-time when an attacker is trying to remove data and immediately block the outbound traffic.

This unique approach includes 12 layers of defense, targeting multiple points of the attack life-cycle as described below.

BlackFogs Multi-Layered Defense

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