• March 6 2023

    The Cost of Cybercrime in the Financial Sector

    How are attacks such as ransomware impacting the cost of cybercrime in the financial sector in 2023?

  • TikTock Privacy Risk Prevention

    July 15 2020

    TikTok Privacy Risk Prevention

    BlackFog has introduced TikTok privacy prevention for all users of BlackFog Privacy. This new feature available in BlackFog 4.5 and above dynamically detects data exfiltration events from TikTok to remote servers to maintain user privacy.

  • Data Breach Prevention

    May 18 2020

    Data Breach Prevention – A New Approach

    We have seen major data breaches from many large organizations including Cognizant and GoDaddy and perhaps surprisingly, some repeat offenders such as Marriott who recently announced they suffered another breach affecting 5.2 million guests.

  • VPN Privacy

    April 15 2020

    The VPN Privacy Fallacy and Remote Work

    VPN Privacy is not what people think it is. Companies have relied on the VPN to connect to the corporate network particularly for remote work. However it does not afford users the level of privacy protection they think it does.

  • Mobile Cyber Security Threats

    March 10 2020

    Mobile Cyber Security Threats

    Every day we read about cyberattacks and data breaches affecting organizations trusted with our personal information. Yet most us don’t even consider the security of our mobile devices, leaving us increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. We discuss the different types of attacks that can affect our mobile devices.

  • Defending against Cyber Warfare

    February 6 2020

    Cyber warfare defense using data exfiltration

    As we start a new decade there are growing concerns around espionage and cyber warfare. We discuss recent developments and techniques for disrupting attack vectors using data exfiltration.

  • California Consumer Privacy Act

    January 10 2020

    California Privacy Act: What you need to know

    The California Consumer Privacy Act is clearly the shape of things to come for the rest of the United States and mirrors many regulations now being adopted around the world such as the sweeping reforms adopted with GDPR in Europe. This article discusses key parts of this legislation and what it means for business.

  • Big Tech Privacy

    January 7 2020

    Big tech is waking up to data privacy – but is it enough?

    Every day we sacrifice our data privacy just to use technology. Knowingly sacrificing data is one thing, but what about the unauthorized data that is constantly being exfiltrated from our devices?

  • Privacy What you Need to Know

    October 15 2019

    What Is Data Privacy? Definition, Explanation, and Guide

    The mood around privacy is shifting. Privacy is now firmly on the agenda for organizations trying to keep up with changing global privacy laws. We look at privacy from an organizations perspective, why it’s important, how it’s being unknowingly compromised, and what BlackFog can do to protect it.

  • Real Cost Of Public WiFi

    August 13 2019

    Public Wi-Fi – The Real Cost of Free

    Did you know that with ‘free’ Wi-Fi comes pretty significant risks and you could be exposing your business and personal data to cybercriminals?