Mobile Cyber Security Threats

Every day we read about cyberattacks and data breaches affecting organizations trusted with our personal information. Yet most us don’t even consider the security of our mobile devices, leaving us increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. We discuss the different types of attacks that can affect our mobile devices.

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California Privacy Act: What you need to know

The California Consumer Privacy Act is clearly the shape of things to come for the rest of the United States and mirrors many regulations now being adopted around the world such as the sweeping reforms adopted with GDPR in Europe. This article discusses key parts of this legislation and what it means for business.

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What Is Data Privacy? Definition, Explanation, and Guide

The mood around privacy is shifting. Privacy is now firmly on the agenda for organizations trying to keep up with changing global privacy laws. We look at privacy from an organizations perspective, why it’s important, how it’s being unknowingly compromised, and what BlackFog can do to protect it.

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After the Data Breach – What Happens to Your Data?

We know that breaches and hacks are inevitable . The odds dictate that your information will be breached at some point. But what does it really mean when your data is compromised? Just what are cybercriminals doing with the information they steal, and how much is this data really worth?

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