California Privacy Act: What you need to know

The California Consumer Privacy Act is clearly the shape of things to come for the rest of the United States and mirrors many regulations now being adopted around the world such as the sweeping reforms adopted with GDPR in Europe. This article discusses key parts of this legislation and what it means for business.

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Data Privacy: What you Need to Know

The mood around privacy is shifting. Privacy is now firmly on the agenda for organizations trying to keep up with changing global privacy laws. We look at privacy from an organizations perspective, why it’s important, how it’s being unknowingly compromised, and what BlackFog can do to protect it.

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After the Breach – What Happens to Your Data?

We know that breaches and hacks are inevitable . The odds dictate that your information will be breached at some point. But what does it really mean when your data is compromised? Just what are cybercriminals doing with the information they steal, and how much is this data really worth?

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GDPR impact one year on

We are now approaching the one-year anniversary of the implementation of GDPR – one of the most important changes to data privacy regulations in the last 20 years. Since its implementation, what changes – if any – have businesses made to ensure the data they hold remains secure?

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Digital Privacy in an Online World

In our normal day to day lives we understand the value of privacy. Locking the door to our homes or closing the curtains to the outside world comes naturally. But as we live more of our lives online and become increasingly dependent on our mobile and IoT devices, why do we give so little thought to our digital privacy?

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The Cost of Cybercrime in Financial Services

Cybercrime is a lucrative business and criminals are increasingly targeting the financial sector in their quest for quick financial reward.  As cyberattacks continue to grow in both frequency and sophistication across all industries, the financial sector in particular is under relentless attack from hackers, falling victim to cyber security incidents around 300x more than [...]

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