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Identity Theft

BlackFog Privacy protects you from data and identity theft by blocking the flow of data to untrusted third party servers.

Identity Theft Prevention

By monitoring the flow of traffic from your device BlackFog is able to prevent data loss through real-time behavioral profiling and blocking active data collection and execution.

Online Safety

BlackFog protects your device from online threats and automatically blocks suspicious sites

Online Protection

BlackFog is able to protect you from online threats and is able to block potential dangers from malvertising, data collection and profiling, crypto mining, phishing and Facebook data collection in real-time.

Data Usage

More than 50% of the traffic consumed by a web browser consists of content you didn't even request.

Reduce Data Usage

BlackFog is able to eliminate excess data requests by focusing only on the content you requested rather than third party data collection agencies.


By focusing on the content you requested, pages load an average of 2 times faster.

Decrease Page Load Time

By eliminating third party data requests, profiling, analytics and advertising pages load more than 2 times faster.