Real time protection

Our real time technology monitors the data leaving your device to protect you and your family from ransomware, phishing, spyware and malware attacks.

BlackFog also blocks those annoying online ads and stops hackers from activating your microphone or camera to prevent them from exploiting you or a family member.

BlackFog Windows Dashboard
Windows data exfiltration

See what your device is really doing

Ever wondered what your device is actually connecting to over the network? Why applications are connecting to foreign servers you didn’t even know about? Well now you can find out!

Get a visual representation of where all the connections are taking place and what countries are involved.

Criminals use AI too!

Many people incorrectly assume that cyber criminals don’t have access to technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) like we do. Unfortunately, they do and their rate of success is getting better every day.

BlackFog uses multiple approaches to prevent this new generation of malware that uses polymorphism, protocol tunneling and other process injection techniques.

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