Cyber Risk

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Determine the cyber risk across your entire organization, every platform, every device, in less than a week after deployment.

Data Privacy

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Visibility into the unauthorized collection and transmission of user data across every device, within and beyond the corporate network.

Data Breaches

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Assess the impact of latent threats by monitoring the exfiltration of data from any network.

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Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Make cybersecurity a priority in your organization and build your team with a BlackFog vCISO. Worried about cyberthreats such as ransomware, extortion and data exfiltration? Your virtual CISO is in the trenches every day, worrying about the threats so you don’t have to.

BlackFog’s dedicated team of experts can provide a detailed monthly assessment for your organization. No need to have your own dedicated teams, BlackFog provides everything you need out of the box to protect you from ransomware and other cyber threats with constant monitoring.

What the Partnership provides

BlackFog vCISO service provides the expertise you need without the hassle and expense of recruiting your own fulltime CISO.

  • Access to our threat intelligence experts when you need them*
  • Protection from cyberattacks including ransomware thanks to our Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) technology
  • A custom branded Enterprise console managed by our team of experts
  • Detailed custom reporting for compliance and auditing
Virtual CISO Cyber Risk
law enforcement professionals

* Pricing includes access to BlackFog’s experienced CISO’s and law enforcement professionals with the ability to purchase additional time for emergency response in 15 min increments.

Meet the Team

Doug Lubahn, an established insider threat expert and risk management professional with a deep history in law enforcement and cybersecurity investigations heads up our vCISO team. A seasoned investigator and cybersecurity professional, Doug is also a certified HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) and an active member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) and InfraGard, a partnership between business and the FBI.

Dave Schnurstein has had an illustrious career in Law enforcement and was most recently Captain and Commander of the Emergency Communications Records and Technology Division of the Grand Rapids Police Department. He was also Chief Security Officer ensuring compliance with State and FBI CJIS security policies for the security of law enforcement data and networks, he was designated Freedom of Information (FOIA) coordinator responsible for balancing the privacy of individuals vs the public’s right to know details of government activity.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a 1-1 with our vCISO team.