ADX Executive Summary

Data exfiltration is a significant threat to organizations and is implicated in many types of cybersecurity incidents. For example, ransomware gangs use both encryption that causes operational disruption for the victim and the threat of exposing exfiltrated data if the ransom demand is not paid. Preventing data exfiltration remains a weakness for many organizations, despite having a complex set of cybersecurity tools already, including data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. A new approach is needed to stop the threat and consequential damage of data exfiltration. In this white paper, we report on a survey on data exfiltration and introduce the category of Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) cybersecurity solutions. A summary of findings is also presented in this infographic.


  • Data exfiltration is a significant threat
    Organizations report that preventing data exfiltration is increasingly important and affected by several wider trends, such as high-profile ransomware incidents involving double or triple extortion tactics.
  • Despite having many cybersecurity tools, data exfiltration is still happening
    Eighty percent of organizations are currently using up to 10 separate cybersecurity solutions, and larger organizations often have more. Despite having these protections in place, organizations are still facing a range of security incidents each year that include data exfiltration.
  • Organizations are not confident they can stop data exfiltration
    Most organizations do not believe their current protections can stop data exfiltration, prevent insiders from exfiltrating data, or prevent ransomware attacks, among other areas of concern.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) tools are not working
    Most respondents indicate that DLP tools are not working at their organization as a means of preventing data exfiltration: DLP is difficult to configure and challenging to maintain, and still does not prevent data exfiltration.
  • Something new is needed to stop data exfiltration
    Despite the list of current cybersecurity solutions in place today, and since DLP solutions are proving ineffective at stopping data exfiltration, something new is needed to protect organizations from the data exfiltration threat.
  • Introducing Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) for on-device protection
    Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) provides a new approach for keeping sensitive data secure. ADX controls the way information flows through networks and offers the most direct way of protecting personal information, securing intellectual property, and disrupting the attack chains used in cyberattacks.

This white paper has been prepared by Osterman Research