• Healthcare industry targeted by cybercrime

    April 15 2024

    Healthcare Industry Targeted by Cybercrime

    Why is the healthcare industry targeted so frequently? In 2023, there were 136 publicized attacks, a 134% increase from the year before.

  • cybersecurity healthcare

    February 15 2023

    Does Poor Cybersecurity Affect Healthcare?

    The healthcare sector was ranked in the top 3 verticals targeted by cybercriminals last year. Why are healthcare organizations, big and small, such attractive targets for ransomware gangs?

  • Healthcare and Ransomware

    October 6 2022

    How to Protect the Healthcare Supply Chain from Ransomware

    The healthcare sector is a compelling target for ruthless cybercriminals with a wealth of incredibly sensitive data to protect from ransomware.

  • November 27 2019

    Ransomware Cyberattacks in Healthcare

    Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting healthcare organizations. As cybercriminals continue to outpace the security technology and processes in the healthcare sector, what can IT leaders do to prevent modern-day cyberattacks?