The New Insider Threat: Are ransomware groups recruiting your employees?

Ransomware groups are using increasingly sophisticated technology and infrastructure to carry out attacks while adopting new tactics to pressurize their victims such as recruiting your employees.

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Ransomware Group Tactics in 2022

The cybercrime landscape is changing, and ransomware group tactics are shifting accordingly On January 14th, 2022, Russian authorities announced they had dismantled REvil, the aggressive ransomware groups that made headlines after successfully attacking Colonial Pipeline. Several of its leading members were arrested in a large-scale operation that took place over [...]

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Anonymous Ransomware Attack Tools

Over the last few years, leaked data from some of the most devastating cyberattacks has found its way onto the Dark Web, a trend that seems to be increasing with the notable rise in double extortion ransomware attacks. Ransomware attack tools are routinely used to carry out these attacks. Every day [...]

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The Shift from Ransomware to Data Theft Extortion

With data theft extortion, instead of a single ransom demand, there may be hundreds or thousands. In most cases, cybercriminals are adopting a dual-revenue model where a single, large-scale ransom demand is accompanied by individual ransoms for affected parties.

2021-07-21T16:20:58+00:00May 18th, 2021|Data Exfiltration, Ransomware|

Ransomware Breaches and Class Action Lawsuits

While some organizations are waking up to the fact the ransomware attacks are in fact data breaches, unless perhaps data exfiltration technology can prove otherwise, many are still opting to sweep the attack under the carpet.

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The State of Ransomware in 2020

Ransomware cyberattacks are a big business, so big in fact, that research anticipates a business is attacked by a cybercriminal every 11 seconds and damage costs from these attacks will hit around $20 billion by 2021. In 2020, we’ll be tracking the publicized ransomware cyberattacks each month and sharing them with you via this blog. [...]

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