Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that could potentially identify an individual. This includes any information that can be used individually or grouped together to identify an individual.

BlackFog has been specifically designed as an on-device application and does not send any PII information to its servers by default. BlackFog performs all data processing on device and does not require data to be processed on remote servers. BlackFog performs remote geolocation services but does not record this activity.

BlackFog enterprise identifies all security exceptions and correlates these findings with a centralized console. BlackFog records the following PII for each security exception:

  • Device Username (configurable)
  • Customer Organization (configurable)
  • Tenant Group Name (configurable)

All other information is specific to the security exception and does not identify any individual.

Data Sovereignty

All BlackFog data is maintained in the country of origin and replicated in multiple regions for redundancy and backup purposes. BlackFog also maintains strict data processing agreements on behalf of it’s customers and complies with all data protection regulations around the globe, maintaining strict security measures, processes and policies as outlined in BlackFog’s Data Processing Agreement.