Articles on installing and managing BlackFog settings on Android devices.

Android not blocking threats when using Chrome browser

When using the BlackFog on more recent Android versions (8.0 or later) you may notice that not all advertising or data collection activities are blocked as they should be.

BlackFog on Android not working with Samsung Galaxy

When using BlackFog on Android and certain Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 phones the Internet connection appears to be broken and the Google Play store no longer seems to operate normally.

BlackFog will not autostart on some Android devices

Newer Android devices and certain vendor implementations of Android have additional layers of security and battery management that are very aggressive. This can force applications like BlackFog to be automatically closed and also prevent them from even starting in the first place.

BlackFog keeps stopping on some Android devices

BlackFog operates in the background filtering traffic and protecting outbound data on devices. However, on certain devices, notably devices running a modified version of Android called OxygenOS on OnePlus devices users may notice that BlackFog keeps stopping. In order to prevent this it is necessary to edit a number of settings on the device.

Android license key activation

The Android edition of BlackFog can operate in either standalone or enterprise mode. By default it will operate in standalone mode until you apply an enterprise license key.