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Prevent Data Loss over the Dark Web

Most cyber criminals use the Dark Web to extract data from your machine and exchange it with other criminals. BlackFog is able to detect and block the transfer of this data in real-time.

With more than 80% of all ransomware using the Dark Web it is crucial that every organization is protected from data loss and breaches across this network.

Forensic Data Removal

Applications are constantly collecting information about your activity and sending it to remote servers without your knowledge. BlackFog constantly monitors data collection activity and removes traceable data at regular intervals. This includes activity from the operating system, antivirus, graphics, browsers and other software.


% of Organizations hit by Ransomware in 2016 (Osterman Research)


Dark Web ransomware economy growing at 2500 percent annually


Cyber-attacks that go unnoticed (TechRepublic)


Growth in ransomware over the last 2 years (Proofpoint)

Multivariant Behavioral Analysis

BlackFog Enterprise uses next generation multivariant behavioral analysis to prevent attacks and reduce the total surface area exposed to cyber criminals. This includes blocks based on geography, DNS and network anomalies, advertising, profiling and tracking and other data harvesting techniques used by cyber criminals.

Traditional Antivirus solutions are not enough to prevent attacks from this new generation of fast fluxing malware. Antivirus solutions respond after the damage has already been done.

BlackFog is designed to prevent attacks from this next generation of malware. Stopping the problem before it even begins.

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Enterprise Cloud Console

BlackFog Enterprise consists of endpoint agents and the Enterprise cloud console. This is used to manage groups of devices and provide a centralized view of all threats and events generated at the endpoint.

The console provides insights into the origin of threats within your organization and centralized management of device settings, groups, users, devices and events.