Cybersecurity 101


Clickjacking is a malicious technique during which a victim is tricked into clicking on a URL, button or clickable object other than that intended by or perceived by the user. This is done by displaying invisible pages or HTML element, via frames, on top of the page the user sees. The user will continue [...]

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Consumer Data Right (CDR) Australia

The Australian Government has introduced Consumer Data Right in Australia. Consumer Data Right will give consumers, including individuals and business, a secure way to control which businesses have access to their data.

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Crypto Ransomware

Among the oldest, and traditionally the most common form of ransomware, crypto ransomware works by finding valuable files on a system and applying encryption to them so they become unusable.

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Cryptojacking is a type of cybercrime that involves a hacker co-opting a victim’s computing power to generate cryptocurrency on the attacker’s behalf. The motive for these types of attacks is profit, which is usually extremely effective as it is completely hidden from users and difficult to detect. Hackers use this method instead of having [...]

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Cyberespionage (preferred) or cyber espionage refers to malicious software used to extract trade secrets or sensitive confidential information from corporations or government for harm (financial, strategic, political) or profit.

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