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General information about BlackFog and its technology, how it’s managed and updated.

What is the Breach Monitoring Module?

BlackFog’s Breach Monitoring module allows an organization to monitor its exposure over the Dark Web with regular domain scanning. With more than 10 billion accounts exposed over the Dark Web, BlackFog ensures you are notified in real time when a breach has occurred. The module also enables benchmarking against industry peers and easy report [...]

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What is BlackFog’s Threat Hunting module?

BlackFog’s unique Threat Hunting module provides threat intelligence for all organizations, where previously only organizations with large technology budgets and teams of experts were able to benefit from this type of threat intelligence. This module takes threat intelligence to a new level by providing detailed insights into each identified threat, enabling organizations to stay [...]

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How is Updating BlackFog managed?

BlackFog utilizes different rule sets to protect your device. Updating BlackFog is managed within the application automatically. BlackFog periodically checks BlackFog servers for updated rules and downloads new ones as necessary. BlackFog uses SSL for all connections to its update servers. Please ensure you have all the relevant ports open to ensure it is [...]

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Will BlackFog slow down my machine performance?

BlackFog has been specifically designed to have little to no impact on your machine in terms of performance. If anything you should notice your machine is noticeably faster because it is preventing the transfer of vast amounts of information from your machine over the network.From a CPU perspective BlackFog uses around 1-5% (depending on Operating [...]

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What is BlackFog’s resource consumption like?

From a system resource perspective BlackFog was designed to be very lightweight. In fact, the BlackFog executable occupies approximately 2MB of drive space and the whole package around 20MB. It has been developed in the same language as the underlying operating system and has no dependency on other runtime frameworks, so it is very [...]

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Why do I need BlackFog if I have an Anti-Virus product already?

Anti-Virus products focus on what to do AFTER you have been infected. BlackFog focuses specifically on real-time network threat detection and preventing spyware and ransomware from infecting your machine in the first place. BlackFog works in conjunction with your existing AV solution. Just like you would go to the Dr. when you are sick, [...]

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