Ransomware Attacks: Strategies for Prevention and Recovery

This white paper examines the current context on ransomware attacks before moving into an analysis of where current and best practices diverge. It looks at eight areas where many organizations remain susceptible to ransomware attacks, outlines new and emerging solutions or approaches that can be used to bolster controls and protections, and offers a report card for self-assessment by organizations.

The first four areas focus on defending against ransomware attacks, the final three focus on recovering after an attack, and the fifth area does double duty for defending and recovering. By the end of this white paper, decision-makers and influencers charged with evaluating and selecting cybersecurity solutions should have a better idea of their organization’s readiness (or not) to counteract ransomware.

Ransomware in 2022 features multiple levels of extortion, RaaS models, and rampant data exfiltration.

Ransomware is the “prime threat” facing organizations as cyber criminals follow the money to profitable criminal activity.

Michael Sampson, Osterman Research
Ransomware Attacks

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