About BlackFog

In the wake of increasing privacy concerns across the world BlackFog, Inc. was established to combat the growing number of online threats targeting your personal and corporate data.

BlackFog has been specially developed as an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, sometimes referred to as Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP). Using a combination of techniques, it is able to prevent the loss of data by different threat vectors using preventative measures and non-signature based techniques.

BlackFog fills the gap that exists in the market between the current security solutions that focus on preventing access through intrusion detection systems, such as Firewalls (pre-infection) and Anti-Virus/ Malware solutions (post-infection) that remove known infections after they have been discovered.

Our Mission

Everyday our computers are subjected to tens of thousands of transactions. A significant number of these are unknown to the user and happen silently in the background, often sending sensitive data to unknown servers for collection.

BlackFog’s mission is to monitor these transactions and alert the user whenever there is suspicious activity and ensure your rights are not being breached. It’s your way of keeping everyone honest.

As the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan used to say “Trust, but Verify”. We couldn’t agree more.

Privacy Research Data


Feel they have lost control over how data is collected and used.


Feel insecure about social media.


Concerned about government monitoring.

800 Million+ Breaches

Since 2005 more than 800 million data breaches and growing rapidly
Multi-year statistics courtesy of Privacy Rights Clearing House
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Hacking now 29%

Hacking is now at an all time high, representing the single biggest threat
Multi-year statistics courtesy of ITRC
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Data Courtesy of Pew Research Center


Dr. Darren Williams
Dr. Darren WilliamsFounder and CEO
Dr. Williams is the founder and CEO of BlackFog, Inc., a cyber security company focused on fileless network attacks and data privacy.

Unlike companies that focus on malware and viruses this new category focuses specifically on fileless data loss prevention, ransomware, cyptomining and malvertising. BlackFog’s mandate is to protect individuals, family, children and corporations from these ever increasing threats and to ensure that your personal or corporate data is secured at all times.

Dr. Williams is responsible for corporate strategy and direction and leads global expansion and customer acquisition through strategic partnerships.

Prior to BlackFog, he was founder and CEO of LiveTime Software, Inc. which pioneered the web based delivery of service management and attracted key accounts such as Apple, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce and Disney. He subsequently negotiated the sale to Absolute Software in 2012 where he served as VP and General Manager of Service Management.

Before that he was founder and CEO of Active Concepts, Inc., a leading player in the web analytics field with its core product Funnel Web. He raised several rounds of financing and subsequently negotiated the sale of the company to Quest Software in 2000 which is now part of Dell.

Dr. Williams holds a Ph.D. and Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Melbourne, authoring several scientific papers and software applications for auto-radiographic densitometry and analysis. He is a dual citizen of both Australia and the United States where he now resides.

Thomas Madsen
Thomas MadsenVP Business Development, EMEA
Thomas has many years of experience in the technology business and has focused his career on business development with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He is the founder and partner of a Scandinavian based IT company, and has joined BlackFog as VP Business Development EMEA. He will be driving the daily business out of Scandinavia.
Brenda Robb
Brenda RobbVP Global Marketing
Brenda has extensive experience in global marketing operations in high tech companies building product marketing strategies and go-to-market programs at scale. Brenda was previously VP marketing at Scintacor, and has held senior positions at Kainos WorkSmart and Absolute Software. Brenda leads the global marketing strategy and direction at BlackFog and oversees public relations, social media, go-to-market programs and deliverables.
Osman Chohan
Osman ChohanRegional Sales Manager, Data Protection Officer, EMEA
Osman serves as both the Data Protection Officer and Regional Sales Manager for EMEA. Osman speaks 5 languages, French, Danish, Hindi, Urdu and English and has a wealth of experience enabling partners across Europe. He is responsible for the management of strategic partners and ensuring success with BlackFog solutions especially as they relate to GDPR.

Board of Advisors

Jeffrey Carmody
Jeffrey CarmodyManaging Director, Agility Capital
Jeff currently leads new business development for Agility Capital, a private lender to growth companies and manages the portfolio of technology-based borrowers. Before joining Agility, Jeff held similar roles at Sand Hill Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture debt provider. He holds a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara.
Mark Salter
Mark SalterFounder and CEO, New Century Capital Parters
Mark Salter is the Founder and CEO of NCCP. Mark has 19 years of investment banking experience, having financed and advised some of the world’s largest technology and Internet companies. Previously, Mark worked as Head of Investment Banking at Wedbush Morgan Securities. Prior to that, Mark worked as a senior investment banker at Robertson Stephens.

Mark received his BA in engineering sciences, cum laude, at Dartmouth College, and a BSEE from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Mark received his MBA from Harvard Business School.