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Privacy software provides on-device protection from increasingly sophisticated hackers

Cheyenne, Wyoming, April 2, 2019. BlackFog, Inc. today announced the release of its on-device Cybersecurity and Data Privacy solution for Android devices. BlackFog Privacy protects users from online threats by putting a stop to unauthorized data collection, profiling, cryptomining, phishing, and fake news over the Internet and Dark Web.

Cyber-attacks are increasing, both in number and sophistication and people are vulnerable to attack every time they visit a website or use an application. With mobile devices currently representing 52% of all web traffic and Hackers attacking from every angle, collecting personal information and attacking users through seemingly innocent online ads, the need for a preventative solution to ensure no unauthorized data can ever leave a user’s device has never been more critical.

Most cybersecurity solutions focus on trying to stop an attacker from getting in, or after they have already done damage. BlackFog stops threats at every stage of their life-cycle, before they have a chance to remove any data. By focussing on prevention, BlackFog monitors the collection of any personally identifiable data, stopping the outbound data flow in real-time so no unauthorized data can ever leave the device. With 12 layers of defense, BlackFog protects against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling.

In 2017 alone we saw a 40% increase in mobile cyber-attacks, a statistic that continues to escalate. As we spend more of our lives online, our personal data is becoming increasingly valuable,” commented Dr Darren Williams, CEO of BlackFog. “With the worldwide market share of Android currently around 75% we are excited to offer this technology to Android users globally. We successfully block more than 24 million threats, enabling our customers to use their devices with confidence, knowing that their personal data is secure at all times.”

BlackFog Android edition is available for immediate download for $1.99 a month from the company web site. BlackFog is also available for Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

About BlackFog

Founded in 2015, BlackFog was born to combat the growing number of online threats targeting your personal and corporate data. Hackers will get into your network; BlackFog stops them getting out. Through a layered approach to security, BlackFog spots in real-time, when an attacker is trying to remove unauthorised data from your device / network and stops them in their tracks. Consisting of 12 layers of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, unauthorized data collection and profiling, BlackFog blocks over 24 million threats across mobile and desktop endpoints around the world, protecting organizations’ data and privacy, and strengthening their GDPR compliance.

BlackFog, Inc. is a privately held corporation based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. For more information about BlackFog, visit or contact media at

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