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BlackFog collected threat statistics on a global basis for the first 6 months of 2019. What follows is a summary of the data exfiltration across all endpoints across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Dark Web

BlackFog saw some trends from Q1 with a significant increase in Dark Web exfiltration representing 5.67% of traffic, a 40% increase from Q1. BlackFog also saw a 44% decrease in Powershell attacks over the same period moving from 6.34% to 3.51% of all threats. This is most likely due to the changes implemented by Microsoft in recent Windows updates to eliminate some of the known execution vulnerabilities with PowerShell.

Geographic Data Exfiltration

BlackFog also saw the most dramatic changes this quarter in the amount of data exfiltrated to Russia which has now risen by more than 26% from 15.22 to 19.22% of all traffic. Interestingly, this peaked in April and May at 20.81 and 21.69% respectively before settling down at 15.16% in June. During the same period we saw a significant decrease in exfiltration to China from 4.58 to 2.65% a decrease of approximately 42% from Q1.

Direct IP’s and Spyware

No significant changes were found with other core statistics. Spyware represented 2.39%, and the use of direct IP’s for communicating with servers represented 43.26% of all attacks.

Major Threat Vectors

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