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The real threats to organizations that do not have a data exfiltration strategy are very real.

We don’t have the budget for new products

We would suggest an audit of the tools you are currently using. If you are currently spending a portion of your budget on a traditional solution such as AV for example, it’s worth noting that AV is now embedded into every modern operating system, so it’s a very easy decision to cut this expenditure [...]

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We don’t have sensitive data to protect

Every organization regardless of size, vertical or location has data worth protecting. Cybercriminals don’t discriminate and they often look for low hanging fruit, which is in many cases those businesses who don’t feel they are worthy of being a target.

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Do I need to add another tool?

Many organizations are using 20+ cybersecurity tools to prevent attacks, yet many of them still make front page ransomware and data breach news. The goal of any cybercriminal is data theft and with 89% of ransomware attacks exfiltrating data in 2022, ADX has become an essential technology.

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