Ransomware Group Tactics
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The cybercrime landscape is changing, and ransomware group tactics are shifting accordingly

On January 14th, 2022, Russian authorities announced they had dismantled REvil, the aggressive ransomware groups that made headlines after successfully attacking Colonial Pipeline. Several of its leading members were arrested in a large-scale operation that took place over 25 locations across the enormous country.

Only a few months earlier, the ruthless Conti ransomware gang – known for specifically targeting hospitals and critical infrastructure – found itself victimized by threat intelligence agents. A cryptocurrency exchange executive connected with the related criminal syndicate called Ryuk was arrested around the same time.

Many commentators see this as the beginning of the end for ransomware gangs that have run rampant over the last few years. Unfortunately, this opinion might be too optimistic.

Ransomware is Still Big Business

Nobody should understate the importance of holding threat actors accountable for cybercrimes. The authorities deserve praise for successfully attacking and dismantling ransomware groups. But business leaders must avoid being lulled into a false sense of security.

Dismantling one or two cybercrime groups – even major ones – doesn’t make ransomware any less profitable. As long as it continues to generate financial gains, new threat actors will rise up to take the place of old ones. The most dangerous of these will be the hackers who learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

IT leaders and executive decision-makers will need to develop robust strategies for countering tomorrow’s cybersecurity threats and the latest ransomware group tactics. Security teams that successfully predict how today’s cybercrime trends will evolve in the future will be prepared to meet those threats when they come.

Having the right data is key. Organizations need to deploy security resources according to comprehensive threat intelligence data. The more you know about tomorrow’s ransomware groups and the tactics they use, the better prepared you can be to avoid some of this threat’s biggest consequences.

Ransomware Group Tactics On the Rise in 2022

We’ve gathered data on some of the most concerning cybercrime groups to watch in 2022 and identified some of the ransomware group tactics and patterns they share. Cybersecurity solutions that directly address these tactics, techniques, and procedures may become the best investments security leaders can make at this early stage.

Protect Your Organization from New Cybercrime Threats

Ransomware groups are beginning to notice that their victims are better prepared and less cooperative than ever before. High-profile arrests have damaged the cybercrime industry temporarily, but it’s only a matter of time before new threat actors start using new ransomware group tactics to defraud business owners. Protect your organization and its users with prevention-based solutions designed to mitigate the latest threats that define the larger cybercrime landscape.

Learn more about how BlackFog protects enterprises from the threats posed by ransomware.

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