moveit exploit ransomware attacks
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The Clop ransomware group has created the MOVEit exploit using a zero-day vulnerability in third-party file transfer software MOVEit Transfer, owned by Progress Software. The aim of the attack was data theft, particularly personally identifiable information (PII) from customer databases.

The vulnerability, now tracked as CVE-2023-34362, is believed to have been exploited since around May 27th and has led to multiple waves of data breaches in the weeks following. Shortly after attacks began, Progress identified the vulnerability and a patch was offered in late May, though not all clients applied it. Since then, advisories on other vulnerabilities have been issued with fixes closely following.

The ransomware group gave impacted companies until June 14th to contact them. On that deadline day, the names of 13 companies was released on their leak site. In the days that have followed, numerous other companies have been named. The group has stated that it will start publishing content from those organizations that do not negotiate an extortion payment by June 21st.

Clop have recently released a statement claiming that it has erased all data stolen from government, city, and police services as they have “no interest to expose such information.”

It has emerged that Clop ransomware gang has started to create clearweb sites to leak stolen stolen during these recent MOVEit Transfer data theft attacks. The first site was created by threat actors for PwC, where all leaked company data was posted in four spanned ZIP archives. Websites have also been created for Aon, EY, Kirkland and TD Ameritrade.

The current victim list is massive and growing, and Clop continues to share new entries every day, which begs the question, how many companies have actually been affected by this attack? Some victims have publicly announced their involvement in the breach, other have simply been named by Clop themselves. We’ll be following this attack closely and updating this blog with new information as the story unfolds.

Let’s take a look at the victims that have been announced to date:

  1. 1871, German life insurance provider (impacted by Majorel)
  2. 1st Source Bank, Michigan based bank
  3. A + Federal Credit Union, Texas based Credit Union
  4. AbbVie, US based pharmaceutical company.
  5. Abilene Christian University in Texas (impacted by NSC)
  6. Accelya Global Ltd, European IT services provider (impacted by Alight)
  7. Aclara, US based software company
  8. Adare SEC, UK based advertising services provider
  9. Advanced Integration Technology, Texas based aviation component manufacturer
  10. Aerlingus, Irish airline (impacted by Zellis)
  11. Aetna Life Insurance Company (impacted by PBI)
  12. Agilysys, US based software developer
  13. Aging Services Access Points (ASAP), based in Massachusetts
  14. Alfa Laval, Swedish manufacturing company
  15. Alfred State College in New York (impact by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  16. Allegheny County in Pennsylvania
  17. Allegiant Air, US based airline
  18. Allegis Group, management company based in Maryland (impacted by Sovos)
  19. Allison Transmission, manufacturer based in US
  20. Alogent, US based banking software company
  21. Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union in Hawaii
  22. AlohaCare, Hawaii based not for profit health plan providers
  23. AltaMed Health Services, based in California (indirectly impacted by Vitality and TIAA/PBI)
  24. AMC Theatres, Kansas based entertainment organization
  25. American Airlines
  26. American Board of Internal Medicine
  27. American Civil Liberties Union Foundation
  28. American General Life Insurance Company
  29. American National Insurance
  30. Ameriprise Financial, based in Minnesota
  31. Amerisave, US based mortgage providers
  32. AmeriServ Financial Bank, based in Pennsylvania
  33. AOK, an association of statutory health insurers based in Germany. Insurers impacted include AOK Baden-Württemberg, AOK Bayern, AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven, AOK Hessen, AOK Niedersachsen, AOK Plus, AOK Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland, AOK Sachsen-Anhalt
  34. Aon, global insurance company
  35. Appriss, US based software company (impacted by Vitality)
  36. ARBURG, European plastics manufacturer
  37. Arietis Health, US based medical billing service
  38. Aristocrat, global gaming and technology company
  39. Arizona State University (impacted by NSC, TIAA and United Healthcare)
  40. Arkansas Tech University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  41. Arvato, global services company based in Germany
  42. Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (impacted by NSC)
  43. AspenTech, US based software company
  44. Athene Annuity and Life Company, based in Iowa
  45. Aurora Life Insurance, based in Texas (impacted by Alliance-One)
  46. Ausburg University in Minnestoa (impacted by TIAA)
  47. Austrian Finance Market Authority
  48. Autozone, US based retailer
  49. Baesman, US based marketing services provider
  50. Baird Insurance Services in Milwaukee (impacted by PBI)
  51. Baker College in Michigan (impacted by NSC)
  52. Baltimore County in Maryland (impacted by PBI)
  53. Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala
  54. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (impacted by PwC)
  55. Bank of America, impacted by breach on EY
  56. Bank of Burlington, impacted by Darling Consulting)
  57. Bank of Montgomery, based in Louisiana
  58. Bank of Nova Scotia
  59. Bank OZK, based in Arkansas
  60. Bank99, Austrian bank
  61. BankGloucester in Massachusetts (impacted by Darling Consulting)
  62. BankNewport, based in Rhode Island (impacted by Darling Consulting)
  63. Bar Harbor Bank, US based bank
  64. Barmer, Berlin based health insurance company.
  65. Barrett Business Services Inc, management consultancy company based in Washington (impacted by Sovos)
  66. Barrick Gold, Canadian mining company
  67. Barton Community College in Kansas (impacted by NSC)
  68. Bates Technical College in Washington (impacted by NSC)
  69. Bayern Versicherung Lebensversicherung, German life insurance providers (impacted by Majorel)
  70. BBC, broadcasting company based in UK (impacted by Zellis)
  71. BCD Travel, US based travel management company
  72. Bellevue College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  73. Beneva, Quebec-based insurance company
  74. Bennett College in North Carolina (impacted by NSC)
  75. BioMerieux, French biotechnology company (impacted by Vitality)
  76. Bismark State College in North Dakota (impacted by NSC)
  77. Blackhawk Technical College in Wisconsin (impacted by NSC)
  78. BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (impacted by TMG Health)
  79. Bluefin, US bases financial services provider
  80. Blue Shield of California 
  81. Boise State College in Idaho (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  82. BOM Bank in Louisiana (impacted by First National Bankers Bankshares)
  83. Boots, British beauty retailer (impacted by Zellis)
  84. BORN Ontario, healthcare organization in Canada
  85. Boston Globe, US daily newspaper
  86. Boston University (impacted by TIAA and NSC)
  87. Brady, US based safety, compliance and identification organization
  88. Brault, US based technology firm
  89. Brighthouse Life Insurance Company
  90. Bristol Myers Squibb, US based pharmaceutical company
  91. British Airways, airline based in the UK (impacted by Zellis)
  92. Brookfield, Canadian multinational investment management company
  93. Buffalo State University in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  94. Butler Community College (impacted by NSC)
  95. C & F Insurance, US based insurance provider
  96. Cadence Bank, US based bank
  97. California Public Employees’ Retirement System (impacted by PBI)
  98. California State Teachers Retirement System (impacted by PBI)
  99. Cambridge Trust Company based in Massachusetts
  100. Cambridgeshire City Council based in UK
  101. Capital Small Finance Bank in India (impacted by Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance)
  102. Capitol Federal (CapFed) in Kansas (impacted by FIS)
  103. Care N’ Care Insurance Company in Texas (impacted by TMG Health)
  104. CareServices LLC, US based healthcare services provider
  105. CareSource, Ohio based not for profit organization
  106. Carl Albert State College in Oklahoma (impacted by NSC)
  107. CBE, construction company based in Australia
  108. CBIZ, accounting services in Missouri
  109. CCED, oil and gas company based in Oman
  110. CCleaner, file cleansing software
  111. Cedarville University in Ohio (impacted by TIAA)
  112. Cegedim SA, French technology company
  113. Chadron State College in Nebraska (impacted by NSC)
  114. Chapman University in California (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  115. CHEO, based in Ottawa (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  116. Chesapeake College in Maryland (impacted by TIAA and NSC)
  117. Chevron Federal Credit Union based in California
  118. China CITIC Bank, commercial banking company
  119. Chuck E Cheese, US family entertainment chain
  120. CIBC Private Wealth Management (impacted by PBI)
  121. Ciena, US telecommunications company
  122. City National Bank of Florida
  123. CLEAResult, Texas based utilities company
  124. Clearwater Credit Union (impacted by Alogent)
  125. Clemson University in South Carolina (impacted by TIAA and Corebridge)
  126. Cleveland State Community College in Ohio (impacted by NSC)
  127. Clicks Group, South Africa based health retailer.
  128. Club Vita US, financial services provider (impacted by PBI)
  129. CMFG Life Insurance Company, based in Wisconsin
  130. Cognizant, multinational IT services and consulting company
  131. College of American Pathologists
  132. College of Southern Idaho (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  133. College of Western Idaho (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  134. Collin College in Texas (impacted by NSC breach)
  135. Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
  136. Colorado School of Mines (impacted by NSC)
  137. Colorado State University (impacted by NSC, TIAA, Corebridge, Genworth, Sunlife and the Hartford)
  138. Colorado State University System (impacted by NSC and PBI)
  139. Comdirect in Germany (impacted by Majorel)
  140. Community College of Baltimore County (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  141. Community Trust Bancorp Inc (CTBI), based in Kentucky
  142. CompuCom, US based IT services provider
  143. ComReg, Irish general communications regulator
  144. Concordia Plans, financial services provider based in Missouri (impacted by Vitality and PBI)
  145. Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP), school board in Nova Scotia
  146. CONSOL Energy, US based energy company
  147. Consolidated Edison Company of New York (impacted by PBI)
  148. Continental Automotive Systems Inc, automotive parts manufacturer
  149. Continental General Insurance Company in Texas (impacted by MassMutual)
  150. ConvergeOne, US based IT services provider
  151. Corebridge Financial, US based financial services provider
  152. Corewell Health based in US (impacted by  Welltok)
  153. County of Santa Clara, California (impacted by PBI)
  154. CPIAI, Texas based insurance company
  155. Cree Lighting, US-based LED lighting manufacturer
  156. Criswell College in Texas (impacted by NSC)
  157. Crowe, US based accountancy and advisory firm
  158. CU*Answers, US based software company
  159. Curry College in Massachusetts (impacted by NSC)
  160. CWT, US based travel management company
  161. Cytomx Therapeutics, US based biopharmaceutical company
  162. Dakota College in North Dakota (impacted by NSC)
  163. Darling Consulting Group, US based financial advisor
  164. Data Media Associates, technology company based in US
  165. Datasite LLC, US based SaaS provider
  166. De Anza College in Santa Clara (impacted by NSC)
  167. De La Rue, printing company based in UK
  168. Delaware Life, US based insurance company
  169. Deloitte, multinational professional services provider
  170. Delta Dental of Iowa (impacted by Sovos)
  171. DESMI, industrial machinery manufacturer based in Denmark
  172. Deutsche Bank in Germany (impacted by Majorel)
  173. DHL, German logistics company
  174. Dickinson State University in North Dakota (impacted by NSC)
  175. Digital Insight, US based software provider.
  176. Disability Reinsurance Management Services, based in Maine
  177. Discovery, US based media organization
  178. District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance (impacted by Maximus)
  179. Dow Credit Union in Michigan
  180. Drake University in Iowa (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  181. Druckerei Kyburz, printing company in Switzerland
  182. Durr, global mechanical and plant engineering firm.
  183. East West Bank, US based bank
  184. Eastern Washington University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  185. EBS Services, insurance provider based in Alabama (impacted by PBI)
  186. Edmonds College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  187. Elmwood Family Health Centre (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  188. Elips Life Insurance Company
  189. Emerson, multinational manufacturing company
  190. Empire State University in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA, CREF and Corebridge)
  191. Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island (impacted by TIAA)
  192. EMS Management and Consultants, medical billing service based in North Carolina. This breach impacted at least 16 counties across the US.
  193. EMSS Inc, Hawaii based IT services and IT consulting organization
  194. Encore Capital Group, US based financial services company
  195. Encova Mutual Insurance Group in Ohio (impacted by UnitedBank)
  196. Energy Transfer, US based energy company
  197. Enstar Group, insurance company based in Bermuda
  198. Enterprise Bancorp, US commercial banking company
  199. Envision Financial Systems, US based software development company
  200. Ernst & Young (EY), global accountancy firm
  201. Everett Community College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  202. Eversource, Boston based utility company (impacted by CLEAResult)
  203. Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) in Massachusetts (impacted by UMass Chan)
  204. Extreme Networks, US based software development company
  205. F&G Annuities & Life, US based financial company
  206. FANUC America, robotics company
  207. Farmingdale State College in New York (impacted by TIAA, NSC and Corebridge)
  208. Feather River College in California (impacted by NSC)
  209. Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Swiss pharmaceutical company
  210. Fiduciary Outsourcing, US based fiduciary retirement plan administration provider
  211. Financial Institution Service Corporation, US based consultancy firm
  212. First Commonwealth Bank, based in US
  213. First Farmers Bank & Trust, based in Indiana
  214. First Fed Bank based in Washington (impacted by Darling Consulting)
  215. First Merchants Bank, financial service providers based in Indiana
  216. First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), based in Nebraska
  217. First National Bankers Bank, US based bank services provider
  218. FirstSun Capital Bancorp in Denver, Colorado
  219. FIS Global, multinational financial services organization
  220. Fiserv, multinational financial technology provider
  221. Flagstar Bank, based in Michigan (impacted by Fiserv)
  222. Florida Healthy Kids Corporation (impacted by Maximus)
  223. Flutter, British sports betting company (impacted by Maximus)
  224. Foothill College in California (impacted by NSC)
  225. Foresters Financial, insurance company based in Canada
  226. Fortescue, Australian iron ore company
  227. Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, based in Pennsylvania
  228. Fredonia State University of New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  229. FullScopeRMS, US based insurance provider (impacted by PBI)
  230. Gannon University in Pennsylvania (impacted by NSC)
  231. Garden City Community College in Kansas (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  232. Garrett Motion, Swiss manufacturing company
  233. GEICO, Texas based insurance company
  234. Gen Digital, the parent company of cybersecurity brands Avast, Avira, Norton and LifeLock
  235. Genericon Pharma, Pharmaceutical company based in Austria
  236. Genesis Energy LP based in Texas
  237. Gensler, US based architecture firm
  238. Genworth Financial, US based insurance company
  239. Gesa, Washington based Credit Union
  240. Glacier Bancorp, based in Montana (impacted by Darling Consulting)
  241. Global Atlantic Financial Group based in the US (impacted by PBI)
  242. Goal Structured Solutions, finance firm based in US
  243. Government of Illinois
  244. Government of Nova Scotia including Dept of Justice, Dept of Education, Dept of Labor, Skills and Immigration, Election Authority, Dept of Health and Wellness, Dept of Communities, Culture and Tourism and Nova Scotia Health Authority.
  245. Governors State University in Illinois (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  246. Grace, US based chemical manufacturer
  247. Grand View University in Iowa (impacted by NSC)
  248. Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, US based healthcare provider
  249. Green River College in Washington (impacted by NSC)
  250. GreenShield Canada, a non-profit benefits carrier
  251. GreenSky, financial technology company in Georgia (impacted by Sovos)
  252. Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District in California (impacted by NSC )
  253. Groves Memorial Community Hospital (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  254. Guelph General Hospital (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  255. Guidepoint Security, IT service provider based in Virginia (impacted by Vitality)
  256. GUS Canada, a network of higher education institutions in Canada.
  257. Halifax Regional Municipality
  258. Halma, UK based technology company
  259. Hamilton College in New York (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  260. Hamilton Health Services (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  261. Harris Health System based in Texas
  262. Hartford Life & Accident Company
  263. Health Sciences North Horizon Santé-Nord (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  264. HealthEquity, US based financial technology and business services provider
  265. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, German precision engineering company
  266. Helen Fuld College of Nursing in New York (impacted by NSC)
  267. Herkimer College in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  268. Hero FinCorp, consumer bank company in India (impacted by Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance)
  269. Hess, global independent energy company
  270. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, based in Delaware
  271. Hillsborough County in Florida
  272. Hinduja Group, Indian transnational conglomerate
  273. Honeywell, US based multinational conglomerate corporation
  274. Horizon Bank, based in Indiana
  275. Hornbeck Offshore, US based maritime transport company
  276. Hospices Civils de Lyon, French hospital
  277. HSE, public health service in Ireland
  278. Humana, American health insurance company
  279. Huntington National Bank in Ohio (impacted by Alogent and Baesman)
  280. IC System, US based debt collection services
  281. Idaho State University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  282. Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology
  283. Illumifin Corporation, based in South Carolina
  284. Independence Community College in Kansas (impacted by NSC)
  285. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (impacted by Maximus)
  286. Indiana State University (impacted by TIAA, PBI and NSC)
  287. Indiana University (impacted by TIAA and NSC)
  288. Informatica, US based software company
  289. ING, banking service provider in Germany (impacted by Majorel)
  290. Iron Bow Technologies, software company based in Virginia
  291. IS Digitoday, Finnish technology company
  292. ISCorp, software company based in Wisconsin
  293. ITT Inc, US based manufacturing company
  294. IU Health Plans based in Indiana
  295. IWK Health Centre, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  296. Jack Entertainment, Ohio based entertainment company
  297. Jackson National, life insurance company based in Colorado
  298. Jackson State Community College in Tennessee (impacted by NSC)
  299. Japan Tobacco International (JTI), global tobacco company based in Japan
  300. John A Logan College in Illinois (impacted by NSC)
  301. John Hopkins Advantage MD 
  302. John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
  303. John Hopkins University and Health System, based in Baltimore, Maryland
  304. Jonas Fitness, US based fitness software company
  305. Jones Lang LaSalle Human Resources, based in Chicago
  306. JP Recovery Services, debt collection services
  307. K&L Gates, US based law firm.
  308. Kale Aero, aerospace company based in Turkey
  309. Kale Pratt & Whitney Business School, based in Turkey
  310. Kansas City Kansas Community College (impacted by NSC)
  311. Kansas City Life Insurance Company (impacted by FullscopeRMS)
  312. Kearny Bank (impacted by Fiserv)
  313. Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland
  314. Kentucky Community & Technical College System (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  315. KERN Agency, US based advertising services
  316. KIPP Public Schools in California (impacted by Paycom)
  317. Kirkland & Ellis, multinational law firm.
  318. Kotak Life, life insurance company based in India
  319. Kuecker Logistics Group, US based logistics management company
  320. Lake Forest College in Illinois (impacted by NSC, United Healthcare and TIAA)
  321. Lake Sumter State College in Florida (impacted by NSC)
  322. Landal Greenparks, European holiday facilities
  323. Lansing Community College in Michigan (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  324. Leader Bank based in Massachusetts
  325. Leech Lake Tribal College in Minnesota (impacted by NSC)
  326. Leggett and Platt, US based manufacturing firm
  327. Lehigh University in Pennsylvania (impacted by TIAA)
  328. Level 8 Solutions, UK based IT consultancy firm
  329. Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho (impacted by NSC)
  330. Lincoln College in Missouri (impacted by NSC)
  331. Lincoln Savings Bank based in Iowa (impacted by Darling Consulting)
  332. Lombard International Life Assurance Company
  333. London Health Sciences Centre (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  334. Louisiana’s Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV)
  335. Loyal American Life Insurance Company based in Tennessee (impacted by PBI)
  336. Loyola University Chicago (impacted by NSC and TIAA
  337. Lumico Life Insurance Company based in New York (impacted by NTT Services)
  338. Lycoming College in Pennsylvania (impacted by NSC and TIAA data)
  339. M&T Bank Corporation, based in New York
  340. MACOM, US based semiconductor manufacturers
  341. Madison College in Wisconsin (impacted by NSC)
  342. Majorel, international service company.
  343. Manhattan National Life Insurance Company
  344. Marshall University in West Virginia (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  345. Marti Group, Swiss contracting company
  346. Mary Kay Cosmetics
  347. Maryland Department of Human Services
  348. Maryland State Retirement and Pension Scheme (impacted by TIAA)
  349. Mascoma Bank in New Hampshire
  350. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (impacted by NSC)
  351. MassMutual, based in Massachusetts
  352. Mauch Chunk Trust Company, financial services provider in Pennsylvania (impacted by Darling Consultancy)
  353. Maximus, US government contractor
  354. Mechanics Bank, California based community banking services
  355. Medibank Private Ltd, Australian health insurance providers
  356. Medical College of Wisconsin
  357. Members Life Insurance Company, based in Wisconsin
  358. Merative, American medical technology company
  359. MESVision, California based eye care provider
  360. Metro Vancouver Transit Police
  361. Michigan State University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  362. Middlebury College in Vermont (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  363. MidFirst Bank in Oklahoma
  364. Midland States Bank based in Illinois (impacted by Sovos)
  365. Milliman Solutions, US based business consulting service provider. This breach reportedly impacted 219 organizations across the US.
  366. Minnesota Department of Education
  367. Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (impacted by NSC)
  368. Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS) 
  369. Montcalm Community College in Michigan (impacted by NSC)
  370. Montclair State University in New Jersey (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  371. Monterey Peninsula College in California (impacted by NSC)
  372. Motherson, Indian automotive component manufacturer
  373. MS Amlin, UK based insurance operator
  374. NASCO, US based healthcare services provider
  375. Nassau Life and Annuity Company, based in Connecticut
  376. National Student Clearinghouse, US based educational not for profit organization
  377. NavAXX S.A., Luxembourg based financial services company
  378. Nebraska State Colleges (Chadron State, Peru State and Wayne State) (impacted by NSC)
  379. NETSCOUT, US based software development company
  380. New Era Tech, multinational software development company
  381. New Mexico Military Institute (impacted by NSC)
  382. New Paltz University in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  383. New York Department of Education
  384. New York Life Insurance Company (impacted by EBS)
  385. New York Public Schools
  386. Norgren, global engineering company
  387. North College Idaho (impacted by NSC)
  388. North East Community College in Nebraska (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  389. North Iowa Area Community College (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  390. North Mississippi Health Services (impacted by Cadence)
  391. North of Superior Healthcare Group (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  392. North Park University in Chicago (possibly impacted by  NSC)
  393. Northern Bank and Trust, based in Massachusetts
  394. Northern Oklahoma College (impacted by NSC)
  395. Northwestern Mutual, US based financial services provider
  396. Notable Frontier Sdn Bhd, IT consulting organization in Malaysia
  397. Nova Scotia Prescription Monitoring Program (NSPMP)
  398. NTT Data Americas (impacted by PBI)
  399. Nuance Communications, US based software company
  400. Nucor Corp, US based steel production company
  401. Oak Ridge Associated Universities, based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
  402. Ofcom, UK’s media watchdog
  403. OKK, insurance company based in Switzerland
  404. Oklahoma State University (impacted by NSC, TIAA and United Healthcare Student Resources)
  405. Olympic College in Washington (impacted by NSC)
  406. Oregon Department of Transportation
  407. Oregon Health Plan (OHP) (impacted by PH Tech)
  408. Ottawa Hospital (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  409. Pace University in New York (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  410. Pacific Premier Bank, California based bank
  411. Pan American Life Insurance Group, US based insurance organization
  412. Park National Bank, based in Chicago
  413. Paycom, US based payroll software provider
  414. Paycor, US based software development company
  415. PBI (Pension Benefit Information)
  416. Pear Tree Advisors, US based IT service provider
  417. Pear Tree Funds, financial institution in Massachusetts
  418. Peninsula College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  419. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
  420. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  421. Performance Health Technology, US based health technology platform
  422. Peterborough Regional Health Centre (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  423. PH Tech, US based healthcare plan provider
  424. Piedmount Virginia Community College (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  425. Pima County Health Department (impacted by Maximus)
  426. Pinnacle Claims Management, US based healthcare services provider
  427. Pioneer Electronics USA, subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation
  428. Plains Capital Bank (Hilltop Holdings), Texas based financial holding company
  429. PokerStars, world’s largest real money online poker site
  430. Pôle emploi, France’s national employment agency (impacted by Majorel)
  431. Postbank in Germany (impacted by Majorel)
  432. Power Financial Credit Union, South Florida based Credit Union
  433. PRA Group, US based debt collection agency
  434. Pratt Community College in Kansas (impacted by NSC)
  435. Premera Blue Cross, US based health insurance company (impacted by KERN)
  436. PRGX, Atlanta based financial services provider
  437. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), global accounting firm.
  438. Primis Bank in Virginia (impacted by Darling Consultancy)
  439. Priority Partners, health insurance providers based in Maryland
  440. Progressive Casualty Insurance, based in Ohio
  441.  Proskauer, multinational law firm
  442. Provinzial , German based insurance company
  443. Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB), Malaysian insurance company
  444. Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN), Malaysian takaful company
  445. Prudential Insurance Company of America
  446. Putnam Investments, US based investment management firm
  447. Quark Software, US based software development company
  448. Quincy College in Massachusetts (impacted by NSC)
  449. Quinte Health (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  450. Quorum Federal Credit Union, based in New York
  451. Radisson Hotels Americas, part of Choice Hotels International
  452. Radius Global Solutions, US based debt collection agency
  453. RCI, US based travel, leisure and tourism company
  454. Realm IDx, California based biotechnology company
  455. Red River Bancshares, based in Louisiana
  456. Region of Queens Municipality, Canada
  457. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York (impacted by NSC)
  458. Repsol Sinopec Resources UK, oil and gas company based in Scotland
  459. Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (impacted by TIAA)
  460. Rhenus Group, German logistics company
  461. Rhode Island Government
  462. Ricoh Acumen, US based legal services
  463. Rite Aid, US based pharmacy chain
  464. RiverSource Life Insurance Company, based in US
  465. Rockhurst University in Missouri (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  466. Rockland Trust Bank, based in Massachusetts
  467. Rogers State University in Oklahoma (impacted by NSC)
  468. Rose State College in Oklahoma (impacted by NSC)
  469. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (impacted by NSC)
  470. Saint Francis Health System based in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  471. Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania (impacted by NSC)
  472. Salelytics, US based consulting firm
  473. San Mateo County Community College District in California (impacted by NSC)
  474. Santa Clara University, based in California
  475. Sapiens International, computer software company based in Israel
  476. SAUL Trustee, UK based pension provider
  477. Schnabel Engineering, US based civil engineering company
  478. Schneider Electric, UK based energy equipment and solutions provider
  479. Scotiatrust, Canadian bank (impacted by EY)
  480. Serco, public services provider
  481. Shell, British multinational gas company
  482. Shoreline Community College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  483. Shutterfly, US based image sharing services
  484. SickKids, based in Toronto (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  485. Siemens Energy, energy development company based in Germany
  486. Siena College in New York (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  487. Sierra Wireless, Canadian multinational wireless communication equipment manufacturer
  488. Skillsoft, US based educational technology company
  489. SLB, global technology company
  490. SMA Solar Technology, solar energy equipment supplier based in Germany
  491. SMC3, US based transportation software company
  492. Smurfit Kappa, UK packaging solutions company
  493. SNCF, France’s national state-owned railway company
  494. SoftTech, computer consultants based in the Netherlands
  495. Sony, Japanese electronics giant
  496. Sound Community Bank, commercial bank based in Washington
  497. South Utah University (impacted by NSC)
  498. Southern Cross Credit Union, based in Australia
  499. Southern Illinois University
  500. Sovos, US based software development company.
  501. Space Coast Credit Union in Florida
  502. Spalding University in Kentucky (impacted by NSC)
  503. Sparda-Banken, based in Germany
  504. St. Bernards Healthcare (impacted by Welltok)
  505. St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  506. St Marys University in Texas (impacted by NSC)
  507. St Petersburg College in Florida (impacted by NSC)
  508. Starmount Life, US based life insurance company
  509. State of Maine
  510. State of Missouri
  511. State University of New York (impacted by TIAA, NSC and Corebridge)
  512. STIWA Group, Austrian manufacturing company
  513. Stockman Bank, Montana based community bank
  514. Stockton University in New Jersey (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  515. Stony Brook University in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  516. Stratford Midwives, based in Ontario (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  517. Suffolk University in Boston (impacted by NSC)
  518. Sun Life Assurance Company Canada
  519. Sun Life Financial (impacted by PBI)
  520. SUNY Broome Community College in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  521. SUNY Polytechnic Institute in New York (impacted by NSC, TIAA and Corebridge)
  522. Sutter Senior Care, adult day care center in California
  523. Sutter Health, based in California
  524. Swiss Reinsurance Company, based in Zurich
  525. Synlab, French medical diagnostic service provider
  526. T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services
  527. Tacoma Community College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  528. Talcott Resolution, US based life insurance company
  529. TD Ameritrade, US based stock broker
  530. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
  531. Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (impacted by PBI)
  532. Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York (impacted by PBI)
  533. Telos, US based Information Technology company
  534. TELUS Health (US) based in Massachusetts
  535. Temple University in Pennsylvania (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  536. Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
  537. TenneT, Dutch power grid operator
  538. Texas Dow Employee Credit Union
  539. Texas Life Insurance Company
  540. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) (impacted by Maximus)
  541. The City University of New York (impacted by TIAA)
  542. The College of New Jersey (impacted by TIAA)
  543. The College of Wooster in Ohio (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  544. The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, US based cosmetics company
  545. The Hallmark Channel
  546. The Harrington Group, not for profit organization based in Minnesota
  547. The Hartford, US based investment and insurance company
  548. The Masters University in California (impacted by NSC)
  549. The Midwife Clinic of East York Don-Mills (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  550. The University of Memphis in Tennessee (impacted by NSC)
  551. The University of Utah (impacted by TMG Health, TIAA and NSC)
  552. TJX Companies, American multinational retailer
  553. TMG Health, owned by Cognizant
  554. TomTom, Dutch multinational electronics manufacturer
  555. Toyota Boshoku Europe, European automotive manufacturing
  556. Transaction Applications Group (TAG), US based information technology services provider
  557. Transamerica Life Insurance based in Iowa
  558. TransPerfect, translation services based in New York
  559. Transport for London (TfL), UK government body
  560. Transylvania University in Kentucky (impacted by NSC)
  561. TrellisWare Technologies, US based telecommunications company
  562. Trico, US based automotive parts manufacturer
  563. Trinity College in Connecticut (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  564. Trinity University in Texas (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  565. TTI, US based electrical component distributor
  566. Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma
  567. UB Dental Clinic in Buffalo (impacted by Data Media Associates)
  568. UC Santa Cruz in California (impacted by NSC)
  569. UCLA, based in Los Angeles California
  570. UFCU, Texas based financial services organization
  571. Ulez and Congestion charges, UK toll accounting (impacted by TfL)
  572. Ummeed Housing Finance, Indian financial institution (impacted by Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance)
  573. Umpqua Bank, US based bank
  574. UNC Greensboro in North Carolina (impacted by NSC)
  575. Union Bank and Trust Company, US based privately owned state chartered commercial bank.
  576. United Bank, based in US
  577. United HealthCare Services, US based health insurance firm
  578. United Regional Healthcare System, healthcare organization based in Texas
  579. UnitedHealthcare Student Resources 
  580. Universal Federal Credit Union, based in West Virginia
  581. University at Buffalo in New York (impacted by Corebridge, NSC, TIAA and UnitedHealthcare)
  582. University Federal Credit Union, based in Texas
  583. University of Alaska (impacted by NSC)
  584. University of Central Oklahoma (impacted by NSC)
  585. University of Colorado (impacted by NSC, TIAA and UnitedHealthcare)
  586. University of Dayton in Ohio (impacted by NSC)
  587. University of Delaware (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  588. University of Georgia, based in Athens, Georgia
  589. University of Idaho (impacted by NSC)
  590. University of Illinois (impacted by NSC)
  591. University of Massachusetts Medical School
  592. University of Michigan (impacted by PBI and TIAA)
  593. University of Missouri System (impacted by PBI and NSC)
  594. University of Missouri, based in Columbia, Missouri
  595. University of North Dakota (impacted by TIAA and NSC)
  596. University of Northern Colorado (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  597. University of Oklahoma (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  598. University of Rochester, based in Rochester, New York
  599. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  600. University System of Georgia
  601. Unum Group, insurance company based in Tennessee
  602. UofL Health, Kentucky based regional academic health system
  603. US Department of Agriculture
  604. US Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  605. US Department of Health and Human Resources
  606. US Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
  607. UT Southwestern Medical Center
  608. Utah State University (impacted by NSC, TIAA and The Hartford)
  609. Utah Tech University (impacted by NSC)
  610. VALIC Retirement Services Company based in Texas (impacted by PBI)
  611.  Valley Bank, based in New Jersey
  612. Valmet, software company based in Finland
  613. Vassar College in New York (impacted by TIAA)
  614. Vecino Health Centers in Texas (impacted by Harris Health)
  615. Ventiv Technology, US based IT services provider
  616. Vericast, Texas based advertising services agency
  617. Vericity Inc, insurance providers based in Illinois (impacted by PBI)
  618. Verivox, German comparison shopping website
  619. Verlagsgesellschaft Vogelsberg GmbH & Co, Germany based publishing company.
  620. Vermont State Colleges System (impacted by TIAA ad NSC)
  621. Victoria College in Texas (impacted by NSC)
  622. Virgin Pulse, health and wellbeing organization
  623. Virginia Community College System (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  624. Virginia Community School System (impacted by NSC)
  625. Virginia Military Institute (impacted by NSC)
  626. Virginia Retirement System (impacted by PBI)
  627. VisionWare
  628. Vitality Group
  629. Vitesco Technologies Group, German automotive supplier
  630. VNS Health Health Plans in New York (impacted by TMG Health)
  631. VOSS Fluid, EU based manufacturer
  632. VRM Service, German media company
  633. Wake Forest University in North Carolina (impacted by TIAA)
  634. Walker Die Casting, Foundry in Tennessee
  635. Washington National Insurance Company (impacted by PBI)
  636. Washington State University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  637. Wayne College in Nebraska (impacted by NSC)
  638. Webster University in Missouri (impacted by TIAA and NSC)
  639. WEC Energy, based in Wisconsin
  640. Welltok, a Virgin Pulse-owned healthcare platform
  641. West Parry Sound Health Centre (impacted by BORN Ontario)
  642. Westamerica Bank based in California
  643. Westat, US based professional services company
  644. Western Oklahoma State College (impacted by NSC)
  645. Western University of Health Sciences in California (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  646. Western Washington University (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  647. Whatcom Community College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  648. William & Mary University in Virginia (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  649. Willis Towers Watson, London based insurance company
  650. Wilmington College in Ohio (impacted by NSC)
  651. Wilton Reassurance Company, US based life insurance agency
  652. Wolters Kluwer, Dutch information services company
  653. Worcester State University in Massachusetts (impacted by NSC)
  654. Xavier University in Ohio (impacted by NSC)
  655. Yakima Valley College in Washington (impacted by NSC and TIAA)
  656. Yakult Philippines, food and beverage manufacturer
  657. Zellis, UK based software development company.
  658. Zurich Insurance

Last update: 20th November

Please note that various different information sources have been used to collate the list of organizations above.

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