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What’s your role in the organization

I’m the IT Manager for AE Works.

What are some of the specific IT challenges your company faces?

One of the biggest IT challenges we faced was moving everything to the cloud, something we did over 5 years ago. Our employees are often remote so managing cybersecurity across different devices outside of the company walls is a concern for us as it is for the majority of companies today.

What additional IT challenges did Covid-19 present?

When Covid-19 hit all our employees were working remotely across different devices and with various levels of IT acumen. Even though we were fortunate to not struggle with VPNs like other organizations, we felt the need to take a hard look at our cybersecurity defense. At that time, we were expanding and hiring new employees across many locations. With our eyes always on security, we noticed an increase in phishing attempts and successful phishing attacks within the industry. Because of our diligence, we didn’t have any successful attacks, but we knew we needed to take these threats seriously.

What did you do next?

I initially thought we might be lacking in EDR services, so we evaluated available tools. We also evaluated another cybersecurity tool, but I found it cumbersome to use. When I heard about BlackFog’s anti data exfiltration technology I decided to investigate it further.

How did you hear about BlackFog?

Our cyber insurance vendor suggested we look at BlackFog as a preventative approach to block cyberattacks including ransomware, which was becoming more of a concern. The more I learned about BlackFog’s anti data exfiltration technology, it seemed like a comprehensive solution.

What was the trial process like?

We worked with BlackFog’s Threat Intelligence team to undertake a cyberthreat assessment and trialled the product over a 2-week period. The trial itself really helped me gain an understanding of the threats that were out there. I really liked the fact that I could block traffic from being exfiltrated to certain countries.

Why did you decide to purchase BlackFog?

We saw a lot of interesting events in the Enterprise console during the trial and we knew we wanted to roll it out across all our company devices. We loved the fact that this was a next generation cybersecurity tool. As an organization, we pride ourselves on being early adopters of technology, so why go with EDR when you can jump ahead and get the latest technology. After trying BlackFog, I realized EDR is too late. BlackFog nips malware, ransomware, phishing attempts before they happen.

How important was data privacy in your decision?

We need to ensure that we do everything we can to protect our data as it is critical to our work. BlackFog really gives us that reassurance.

What are some product features that you really like?

I like that fact that for every licence I buy, I can install it on two devices -1 PC and 1 mobile device. This flexibility is a bit of game changer when you have a remote workforce working across multiple devices. I also really like the Threat Hunting feature that allows me to dig in and determine what the threat really is. The hourly impact feature allows me to monitor the threat levels during the day. It’s interesting to see the numbers go up and down during different times of the day.

How was your experience with BlackFog Support?

BlackFog support has been very responsive. It’s nice to know they take us seriously and they aren’t just selling a product and moving on. It’s a supportive and engaged team.

What advice would you give to other organizations considering an ADX solution?

One of things we believe in as an organization is the need to stay ahead, not only of the competition, but ahead of the bad guys too. BlackFog’s ADX technology is really helping us do that.

Would you recommend BlackFog?

Yes, I really would. It gives us the peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to protect our organization from cyberthreats. In fact, just days after we started using the service, we saw BlackFog already blocking some ransomware attempts.

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