American Plumbing Case Study
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The Challenge

Like all organizations with employees working on company devices, American Plumbing and Heating wanted to protect their environment from malicious threats. At a time when even a single email has the ability to open the door to cyberattacks and cause significant disruption, the organization wanted to ensure that their employees were protected from threats such as harmful phishing emails.

“Unfortunately we get a lot of spam emails coming into the company, we trust our staff but these days it’s so easy for someone to click on a bad link or react to a phishing email, and as a small company that was a real concern for us”, commented Linda Foster, Office Manager for the company.

The Solution

The company heard about BlackFog’s Anti Data Exfiltration technology through contacts within BlackFog’s Threat Intelligence team and was interested to learn more about how it could provide an extra layer of security and protect them from cyberthreats such as phishing and ransomware. “The owner of our firm knew BlackFog’s VP of Threat Intelligence Doug Lubahn who introduced us to the technology.

Even though we aren’t a large company we do still have concerns about becoming a victim of ransomware and we work with large organizations, so it’s critical that we do everything we can to protect our data. When Doug explained the technology to us and told us it would protect us from threats such as phishing, ransomware, and potential data breaches, we decided to try the product for ourselves”, commented Linda.

The Approach

The company tested the product for a 3 week period across several devices. “The trial period was really interesting for us. Being able to log in to the Enterprise console and see things like what potential threats were coming in and where our data was going was a real eye opener.” Commented Linda. “We were using the security products built in with Windows, but seeing what BlackFog was picking up made us realize that we needed to add this technology to our security strategy.”

The Results

The company now uses BlackFog across all devices. “It’s nice to have the peace of mind knowing that BlackFog is there, working to block the threats before they even come in. It’s one less thing to worry about and it’s really reassuring. I used to be concerned about what our employees were clicking on and what the implications could be if they clicked on a bad link and now I don’t need to worry,” commented Linda. “We are extremely happy with the product and would recommend it to any organization who wants a ‘set it and forget it’ solution that runs in the background and keeps them safe from cyberthreats.”

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