About Darren Williams

Dr. Williams is the founder and CEO of BlackFog, Inc. In the wake of increasing privacy concerns across the world Dr. Williams founded BlackFog to combat the growing number of applications and online sites that breach your privacy rights. With more than 20% of online activity associated with data profiling it was clear that something had to be done to curb this growing threat. Unlike companies that focus on malware and viruses this new category focuses specifically on data loss prevention, ransomware and malvertising.

BlackFog Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Solution Now Available for Android

BlackFog, Inc. announces the release of its on-device Cybersecurity and Data Privacy solution for Android devices. BlackFog Privacy protects users from online threats by putting a stop to unauthorized data collection, profiling, cryptomining, phishing, and fake news over the Internet and Dark Web.

2019-04-02T01:55:58-07:00April 2nd, 2019|Press Release|

BlackFog keeps stopping on some Android devices

BlackFog operates in the background filtering traffic and protecting outbound data on devices. However, on certain devices, notably devices running a modified version of Android called OxygenOS on OnePlus devices users may notice that BlackFog routinely stops. In order to prevent this it is necessary to edit a number of settings on the device. [...]

2019-03-25T10:45:09-07:00March 25th, 2019|

BlackFog will not autostart on some Android devices

Newer Android devices and certain vendor implementations of Android have additional layers of security and battery management that are very aggressive. This can force applications like BlackFog to be automatically closed and also prevent them from even starting in the first place.

2019-03-22T09:11:48-07:00March 22nd, 2019|

The Inside Track on Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

In the wake of increasing privacy concerns and the arrival of new regulations, protecting intellectual property (IP) has never been more critical. While losing customer data can damage a brand’s reputation, trust, and even bottom line, losing IP can threaten a company’s very existence.

2019-03-21T06:45:48-07:00March 21st, 2019|Privacy|