Bergquist Case Study
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The Challenge

The IT challenges faced by Bergquist are typical to most companies in the SME space. Managing multiple systems including ERP, servers, phone systems and IT security are critical to maintaining operability and productivity. At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, like most organizations globally, Bergquist had to quickly adapt to 90% of their workforce working remotely. This brought the issue of IT security to the forefront and created new concerns and challenges.

The Solution

Despite recently purchasing another cybersecurity solution to prevent cyberattacks, they decided to run a 7 day cyberthreat and ransomware assessment of BlackFog to see if their tools were providing the level of protection they expected.

The Approach

During the assessment period BlackFog was installed on a small number of devices within the organization. Early in the trial BlackFog identified some threats, including ransomware, which came as a surprise to Bergquist. “We tested BlackFog for about a week, but honestly we were pretty much sold after the first few days”, commented Jay Leach, IT Director at Bergquist. “BlackFog identified a lot of activity including attempted data exfiltration across several systems that we weren’t aware of. It quickly became evident that our existing solutions weren’t providing the protection that they should, and we were really surprised at the level of data exfiltration attempts happening in the background. BlackFog gave us the information we needed to lockdown our firewall and systems.”

The Results

After the trial period and a review of the ransomware and cyberthreat assessment report, Bergquist decided to deploy BlackFog across all of its company devices. “The trial with BlackFog really highlighted the need for a preventative approach to preventing attacks. BlackFog was able to thwart attacks before they happened with its data exfiltration technology, unlike other solutions which wait for the attack to happen before taking action,” commented Jay. “Having BlackFog as part of our cybersecurity suite gives us a new level of confidence, especially with our staff working remotely. From a management perspective, BlackFog is easy to use, has no impact on performance, is easily customizable for different groups and the Enterprise console is easy to navigate, but best of all it manages to catch the threats that the others miss!”

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