The United States has proposed Privacy Legislation in many states. There is no unified standard for privacy, but many share similar rights and obligations. The table below details the laws and proposals by state.

State Common Name Reference Status
California California Consumer Privacy Act SB 1121 Law
Maine An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information LD 946 Law
Nevada Security and Privacy of Personal Information NRS 603A Law
Arizona Consumer Data Privacy SB 1614 Bill
Arizona Data and Security Standards HB 2729 Bill
Connecticut Privacy Task Force SB 1108 Task Force
Hawaii Relating to Privacy HB 2572 HD2 Bill
Illinois Data Privacy Act SB 2263 Bill
Illinois Consumer Privacy Act HB 5603 Bill
Louisiana Privacy Task Force HR 249 Task Force
Maryland Online Consumer Protection Act HB 784 Bill
Maryland Consumer Privacy and Data Collection HB 1656 Bill
Massachusetts Study Ordered S 120 Task Force
Minnesota Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act HF 3936 Bill
Nebraska Nebraska Consumer Data Privacy Act LB 746 Bill
New Hampshire Expectation of Privacy HB 1236 Bill
New Hampshire Collection of Personal Information by Businesses HB 1680 Bill
New Jersey Notify on Disclosure of Personal Information A 2188 Bill
New Jersey Notify on Disclosure of Personal Information A 3255 Bill
New York Right to Know Act S 224 Bill
New York New York Privacy Act S 5642 Bill
North Dakota Task Force HB 1485 Task Force
South Carolina South Carolina Biometric Data Privacy Act H 4812 Bill
Texas Task Force HB 4390 Task Force