EDR / XDR solutions provide necessary endpoint protection as well as threat detection, investigation, and response by using threat intelligence and data analytics. BlackFog works well alongside these solutions but also offers some advantages over these technologies. Here are some main points to consider.

  1. AI powered EDRs can’t always provide persistent, protectable solutions for 100% threat detection whereas BlackFog uses behavioral analysis to identify and block suspicious activity before the attack begins.
  2. With EDR /XDR not all responses are automated, so human input and response is required. BlackFog is a fully automated on-device technology, meaning the action is taken immediately by the agent on the device. No human intervention required.
  3. Some EDR / XDR solutions do not provide cross platform protection and reporting. They also require “a push” to install updates, whereas BlackFog can work across most platforms with integrated reporting available from our Enterprise Console. Our updates are all done automatically via the on device agent.
  4. Traditional EDR / XDR requires specialized and dedicated staff. BlackFog does not require specialized staff to monitor or react to threats or attacks, eliminating the need for dedicated resources. Our Enterprise Console provides a centralized, easy to use view of what is happening across all devices in the organization.
  5. Most EDRs / XDRs are cloud based whereas BlackFog provides on device protection that does not require any cloud access to provide protection.
  6. EDR / XDR is not designed to prevent data exfiltration. Insider threats such as employee mistakes, credential theft and rogue employees require constant monitoring and intervention. BlackFog’s core function is preventing data exfiltration through outbound traffic analysis, restricting data leaving the device under specific, suspicious circumstances.