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A comparison of BlackFog and other industry categories and how ADX complements and competes.

Doesn’t my EDR/XDR protect me from ransomware?

With 89% of ransomware attacks now exfiltrating data, you need to ensure you have a tool that prevents data exfiltration and ransomware. When you look at the many global corporations making ransomware headlines on a regular basis, it’s clear that many of these tools aren’t successfully blocking attacks. Preventing data exfiltration offers an additional [...]

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I have cyber insurance for ransomware, isn’t that enough?

While cyber insurance has become a ‘need to have’ for many organizations, it is only part of a cybersecurity strategy. Cyber insurance may help with the cost of remediation from an attack, but it doesn’t offer any protection. Cyber insurers are also suffering from an exponential rise in claims and the industry is changing [...]

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We already have an EDR / XDR solution, why would I need ADX?

EDR / XDR solutions provide necessary endpoint protection as well as threat detection, investigation, and response by using threat intelligence and data analytics. BlackFog works well alongside these solutions but also offers some advantages over these technologies. Here are some main points to consider. AI powered EDRs can’t always provide persistent, protectable solutions for [...]

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How does ADX interact with the zero trust approach?

ADX has been specifically designed to be a zero trust solution as it prevents any code from unauthorized data exfiltration. BlackFog effectively validates a zero trust architecture by ensuring every application is doing exactly what it says it should. In an ideal world this would not be necessary, but latent code can activate at anytime [...]

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