Introducing ADX Webinar
By |Published On: November 18th, 2022|1 min read|Categories: Cybersecurity, Ransomware|

ADX Webinar

Data exfiltration is a significant threat to organizations and is implicated in many types of cybersecurity incidents. For example, ransomware gangs use both encryption that causes operational disruption for the victim and the threat of exposing exfiltrated data if the ransom demand is not paid. Preventing data exfiltration remains a weakness for many organizations, despite having a complex set of cybersecurity tools already, including data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. A new approach is needed to stop the threat and consequential damage of data exfiltration.

In this webinar Dr Darren Williams, Founder and CEO of BlackFog is joined by Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research to discuss a recent survey on data exfiltration and to introduce the category of Anti Data Exfiltration (ADX) cybersecurity solutions.

Learn more about ADX and how it provides a new approach in the ongoing fight against cyberattacks.

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