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The Challenge

The dental industry in Denmark is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and phishing emails are commonplace. Despite educating their customers about phishing and the growing risk of cyberattacks, the dentists they are working with typically don’t give a lot of thought to cybersecurity. With many of their customers choosing to work remotely, sometimes on home PCs and often with firewalls and Antivirus software that are not up to date, it was just too easy for one user to click a bad link and potentially destroy an entire network in around 15 minutes. They needed to find a solution that would mitigate the risk of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks whilst still providing the required flexibility for their customers.

The Solution

They were introduced to BlackFog by alocal distributor in Denmark. Aware that conventional Antivirus solutions weren’t providing enough protection against advanced threats, particularly with many attacks being Fileless, they knew they needed to find a better solution. They were interested in the real- time protection and 12 layers of defense against ransomware, malware, spyware and unauthorized data collection and profiling that BlackFog provided.

“We felt that BlackFog would not only fill the gap that firewalls and Antivirus left behind but also that our customers would really appreciate the fact that their sensitive patient data would be secured and protected, and the on-device approach would ensure that what was on their device would stay on their device.” Commented, Bo Trusbak, CEO and Chief Engineer at X-ray & IT Danmark.

The Approach

After learning more about BlackFog, they tested and installed the product over a two- week period. With the testing team being very knowledgeable about IT security, it didn’t take them long to realize that the product was an ideal fit for them, and it quickly became an integral part of their managed security solution.

“The results we saw during testing were better than we expected, we always knew cyberthreats were an issue in our environment, but we didn’t realize to what extent until we installed BlackFog. Seeing the dashboard for the first time was quite concerning.” Commented, Bo. “All customers who have our managed security service now have BlackFog installed and since we deployed it, we see almost nothing in the way of cyber threats.”

The Results

Malware and cyberattacks were fairly common for X-ray & IT Danmark prior to deploying BlackFog. With the cryptolock virus script for example, nearly every dentist in Denmark received strange emails with malicious links and around 30% of their customers were attacked. “Unfortunately, it can happen so easily as it only takes one person to click a bad link,” commented Bo. “In one instance the virus came in on a Friday and had all weekend to wreak havoc on the systems that weren’t properly shut down for the weekend. We are still seeing a lot of phishing emails coming in through Outlook but thankfully since we deployed BlackFog we have had zero issues.”

X-ray & IT Danmark are hoping that all their customers will soon be benefitting from their managed security solution including BlackFog. “Just two weeks ago, one of our clients who wasn’t using BlackFog was attacked by hackers and unsurprisingly their conventional approach to cybersecurity didn’t protect them,” commented Bo. “After an expensive clean-up project post- attack, they are now using BlackFog to protect against any future threats. Overall, the results have been better than we expected, and we would definitely recommend BlackFog to any organization.”

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