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New Privacy software ensures your device is kept safe from online hackers.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, October 18, 2016. Today BlackFog released its next generation online protection software for Windows 7 and later. BlackFog’s real-time network blocking provides advanced threat protection for any Windows based device from more than 26 million threats, as well as browser independent ad blocking and data profiling protection.

Using non-signature based techniques, BlackFog is able to stop cyberthreats before they occur, by intercepting, detecting and responding to behavioral characteristics of spyware, ransomware and other data collection activities on your device. Specifically focused on monitoring and blocking the flow of outbound traffic, BlackFog prevents the transmission of data from one device or network to another, stopping malware and ransomware attacks from taking effect.

The latest version of BlackFog Privacy introduces outbound network mapping, providing visual insight into the destination of every packet and introduces a new interface for rapid access to the systems settings, traffic and threats. In addition, BlackFog has introduced more than 50 new Privacy cleaning features to disable both system level and application based data collection activity.

Available as a yearly subscription of $35.00, the product is available immediately from the company’s web site.

BlackFog Ransomware prevention

About BlackFog

BlackFog provides fileless cyberattack defense for real time protection against online threats. It focuses on non signature based threat detection using outbound traffic monitoring to protect the device and privacy of the end user. It consists of 10 layers of defense against ransomware, spyware, malware and unauthorized data collection and profiling. BlackFog, Inc. is a privately held corporation based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. For more information about BlackFog, visit or contact media at

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