Decens Case Study
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The Challenge

Decens provides ICT and managed services to a range of companies across many verticals and countries. One of their biggest challenges is maintaining operability and productivity whilst still having the necessary security controls in place to protect their customers. In addition, they need to ensure they have the most advanced solutions in place to deal with the constantly changing threat landscape that their customers are dealing with.

The main challenge for their customers from a security standpoint is knowing what tools and services to purchase to protect their environments, and that is where Decens excels. “These days it’s hard for IT Managers to know what they need and what services to buy, many products do the same thing and there is so much you need to know about security to really protect your network and endpoints,” said Teemu Blom, CISO at Decens. “There are so many threats to deal with and so many products to choose from.

As experts in this field we do the due diligence on behalf of our customers to ensure they have the best tools available for protection. We feel that privacy is an important new area of concern that no other software focuses on. This is critical for our customers to be aware of, so we wanted to be able to offer a solution that offered privacy protection.

The Solution

Decens was introduced to BlackFog and was initially interested in the product because it offered a fresh approach to endpoint security with a strong focus on privacy. As experts in IT Security, Decens wanted to be able to bring a privacy solution to their customers even if their customers weren’t yet asking for such as solution. “We are teaching our clients about privacy, for most it is something they hadn’t thought about until we showed them the product in their environment. Once they saw the unauthorized exfiltration of their data it highlighted a critical new problem to think about, commented Teemu.”

The Approach

Initially, Decens focussed on working with select customers on POCs. Early in the process, BlackFog identified security threats that could have affected their productivity by crippling their IT systems. “Our customers were surprised to see how much was happening on in their systems, even with the other security tools like Antivirus and Firewalls in place. All BlackFog layers were detecting major intrusions from malware, but when they could see thousands of events happening silently in the background and unauthorized data being exfiltrated from their devices, then they really started to understand the importance of a privacy tool,” said Teemu.”

The Results

Decens has always been a security focused company but BlackFog has added new layers of protection and focus on the importance of privacy.

“Preventing attacks such as ransomware is important, but if you stop data exfiltration it’s more important in the long term. As our customers learn more about profiling and data exfiltration, privacy is becoming increasingly important to them, and you can prevent a lot of cyberthreats by blocking these two things. BlackFog’s on-device layered approach has been well received by our customers and it is quickly becoming an integral part of the security offering that we provide to our customer base,” commented Teemu.

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